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Just added vintage radio crystals and detectors near bottom of this page.
   NOTE:  Sorry, no longer accepting Paypal for domestic transaction. Check or MO by mail.
May have exceptions for overseas transactions. My state, Virginia, has decided to require reporting of Paypal receipts to the IRS, resulting in the receipts being subject to federal and state tax. There used to be a $20,000  allowance to allow for hobby sellers to operate without taxing up to that amount. Now all Paypal receipts are taxed as income so I lose about 35% to taxes and can't afford that. I don't operate this site to make money, and most of what I sell is about a break even for what I have invested, but can't afford to lose money on it. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we have our greedy governor and state legislature to thank. The states of MA and VT doing the same.  

Vintage 1920's Radio Crystals and Detectors   Updated 10/1/2020, Dan, my email to you bounces back, but I can get your messages contact me again please.

Top Rows:
Tester Arco box with galena chunk $19
The Hot Spot Crystal box with mounted crsytal (seams loose on inner and outer box) $19SOLD
TNT High Power Radio Crystal with mounted crystal $20SOLD
Rusonite Crystal (some pencil mark on price) still sealed in box $20SOLD
Rusonite Crystal still sealed in box $23SOLD 
NION fixed detector in box $26SOLD
The ABC Foote crystal detector mounted on threaded shaft $22
Bottom Rows:
Philmore Crystal Detector Box only, empty $3
Unmarked box with galena chunks $11
Rocky Mountain Triple Detector in original wood box $32HOLD
Wireless Association of America wood box with mounted crystal $31
Umarked wood box with mounted crystal $12
Wood box with red icon on top and galena chunk $12
MTD small wood box with mounted crystal $11 one left

Top Rows:
HILCO metal box with galena chunk $15
COSMITE metal box with galena chunk $16SOLD
Loud Talking Crystal metal box with mounted crystal $21SOLD
GALENA metal box with mounted crystal $21
Radio Twins Pyrite metal box with mounted crystal $22
Footes metal box with mounted crystal $21SOLD 
Footes Giant Galena Extra Loud All Over metal box with large mounted crystal $23SOLD
Footes metal box with mounted crystal $22SOLD
Bottom rows:
Wood box with mounted crystal $22SOLD
Wood box with mounted crystal $22SOLD
Red metal box with galena chunk $19SOLD
Star Crystal Co. Pyrite with mounted crystal $26SOLD 
Aeriola Jr. part for Perikon detector with original wood box $26SOLD
Gold Cat Whisker in original wood box $23SOLD
Aeriola Jr. part for Perikon detector (no box) $14SOLD 
Chas. Freshman mounted crystal in wood box $22
Unmarked wood box with mounted crystal and some pyrite chunks $13

First Row:
Philmore Crystal Detector in original box $34SOLD
ERLA Fixed Crystal Detector in original Box $26SOLD
Key To The Air fixed detector $17SOLD
CORWINCO lightning arrestor or insulator $8SOLD
Middle Row:
DeForest Reflex RF Coil #4 for 250-600 Meters  $27
Pyratek Fixed Crystal Rectifier in original box $21
Two fixed detectors red label $22
BUD Microphone Carbon Granules $9
Crowe Cable Markers $7 each setSOLD
Bottom Row:
? Some kind of coherer $10SOLD
Earphone multi-adapter $9HOLD
Pair of earphone multi adapters $8SOLD
Grid leak NY Coil Co. $9
Set of Yaxley cable markers complete $8SOLD

Crystal  Radio Detector Stand

Reproduction Crystal Detector with catwhisker and mineral selection

Click photo for a larger view.
Nice reproduction of 1920's style detector on a 2"x2" solid oak base. Features a large 5/8" diameter brass ball-and-sleeve assembly in a tight, spring brass bracket that never comes loose, or needs realigning. Precision ball-and-sleeve provides silky smooth movement with no pull or backlash. Includes a selection of loose minerals., catwhisker wire, printed instructions, and a history of the mineral detector. $24.95 plus shipping. These are available directly from the manufacturer, Larry Pizella, but I don't have anymore is stock, so just click HERE to see the order page for detectors directly from the maker.


One Tube Shortwave Regenerative Radio Kit with Submini Tube.

This is a kit of parts to make a one tube regenerative shortwave radio based on a 6418 subminiature tube. It includes all the parts needed to make the radio as shown above, with vintage National porcelain tuning condenser new old stock in original box, Johnson trimmer capacitor, ferrite toroid coil core, breadboard, and all necessary electronic components, hardware, wire, and a pair of Newcomb high impedance headphones. There is a set of detailed instructions, plus schematic and diagrammatic sketches to aid construction. I have enough parts for 4 sets right now, may be some variation in the knobs available. $49SOLD OUT
  Inquire if interested and I should be able to put together the parts for another kit but am out of the variable capacitors now, can provide the submini 6418 tubes for $2.50 each, also have some other submini tubes that would work.
Selling off some of my prototype one tube radios below:

One Tube Radio Prototypes Selling off some of my prototype radios for roughly what the kits used to cost, as am out of many of the parts to sell the kits.

AM Broadcast band one tube radio prototype, with headphone

One tube regenerative one tube radio using a submini 6418 pentode tube. Works well across AM band and will include battery holder and clips for the batteries. Uses1.5 volt A battery and three 9 volt batteries for the B voltage. The single sided earphone shown is also included. $49HOLD SK

Shortwave one tube radio prototype with headphone

One tube regenerative shortwave radio using 1C5 tube. Built as a prototype but selling off these sets now. Includes the single sided earphone and clips for the batteries. I can also include some extra toroids and wire if you want to wind some coils for other frequencies. I think this one tunes around 10-12 mHz but I haven't been able to nail down the frequency range. $59

Prototype AM broadcast band radio using 1C5 tube

Last one of my prototype radios to sell, this one is AM broadcast band using a 1C5 tube and ferrite coil. Uses 1.5 volts for filament and 36-45 volts for plate. Will include battery clips. You will need to add antenna and ground wires, batteries and high impedance headphone. The red handle switch on it doesn't do anything, was installed for another project. $39


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