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Several new pairs just listed on these pages.

      Throw away that little crystal earplug and try a pair of real vintage headphones and you will be amazed at the quality of sound a simple crystal set can produce. (I have recently appreciated the sensitivity of a good crystal earplug, but the sound is poor in quality. Mouser has the best.)
    I collect headphones and occasionally have to buy a box of several headphones to get one or two for my collection. The rest are then tested and repaired if necessary. The housings are cleaned and polished lightly if needed. Any cord repairs are neatly bound with matching color thread, but I try to keep the original cord if it is electrically intact. Remember these headphones are up to 90 years old, may have minor cosmetic imperfections unless noted. Will give detailed description or digital photo on request. I try them on a crystal radio which is a good test of their sensitivity. Battery sets have a stronger output and don't need quite as much sensitivity from the headphones.
    I have tested and have tried to rate each pair of phones for their sensitivity and suitability to use on crystal radio or battery sets. Most date back to the 1920's or 1930's. Some are pricey but  consider that a pair of good headphones cost 2 or 3 day's wages back in the early 1920's, (a week's wages in the case of Baldwins or Western Electrics) they are relatively inexpensive now.
New Postal Rates keep going up all the time.
For US Postal Service Priority Mail shipping within US figure 2 pounds weight for 1 headset using the link below to the postal service, or email me for the actual cost of postage for larger shipments (within US). Click USPS icon below for US Postal rates from my zipcode 23320.
NOTE: Insurance is highly recommended as I cannot reimburse for loss or damage in the mail unless the postal insurance pays for it. Insurance is not available to some overseas locations, so shipping would be at your own risk. If it is available I will offer rates with and without insurance. If no insurance is chosen, and the package is lost, I will send you a photo of the postal receipt for proof of mailing but can NOT offer reimbursement if you do not elect to get the insurance coverage. There is a standard $50 insurance now automatically included on USPS Priority Air Mail packages.
I recommend you add insurance for amount of purchase, if more than the $50 coverage that comes with Priority Mail, not responsible for damage or disappearance in mail, so insurance is recommended.
Email to  E-mail me here to order.
Sorry, no repair service available.

  NOTE:  Sorry, no longer accepting Paypal. Check or MO by mail.
My state, Virginia, has decided to require reporting of Paypal receipts to the IRS as self employment income, resulting in the receipts being subject to federal and state tax. There used to be a $20,000  allowance to allow for hobby sellers to operate without taxing up to that amount. Now all Paypal receipts are taxed as self employment income so I lose about 45% to taxes and can't afford that. I don't operate this site to make money, and most of what I sell is about a break even for what I have invested, but can't afford to lose money on it. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we have our greedy governor and state legislature to thank. The states of MA and VT doing the same.

 Cords: A note about cords: The old cloth cords on these headphones are up to 85 years old and some are a bit fragile or stiff. I test them all for electrical continuity before sending them and make any necessary electrical repairs so they will arrive to you  in working condition, but I can't really guarantee how long they will last since some may be on their last strand of conductor wire inside, so I have to offer no warranty on the cords either for longevity or appearance other than to say they are tested and working when I send them. Unfortunately, I do not know of a good source for cloth covered cords. Phoneco does stock them but charges about $40 for each one, but you can check with them if you like.

HOLDS: Items may be held up to 2 weeks, will then be released for sale.

Featured Headphones: These are special pairs that I will put at the top of the page here that are either in exceptional condition, or a rare or unusual pair.    

Western Electric P-II Headphones WW-I vintage

Rare early Western Electric P-II headphones that were supplied with the DeForest BC-14A Signal Corps crystal radio receiver. This pair is in working condition with very good sensitivity. These are getting nearly impossible to find and this pair is nice cosmetic and working condition. $125

Very Early Brandes N20 Headphones 3000 Ohms circa 1916

Early Wireless Age Brandes N20 headphones with 3000 ohms DC resistance. These are probably circa 1916 or possibly a couple of years earlier, with the double celluloid headband, ball and socket swivels, and early headband hardware. They are in working condition and actually sound great on my crystal radio with very good sensitivity and tone. The cord appears to be a replacement vintage cloth cord. A rare and collectable very early pair of headphones. $110SOLD LJ 

Early Trimm Dependable 2400 Ohm Headphones with aluminum housings

Very uncommon early pair of Trimm Dependable 2400 Ohm headphones with the alloy housings. Early 1920's version in very good condition and working with quite good sensitivity for crystal radio reception. There are a lot of the later Trimm headphones with the bakelite housings around, but very few of this earlier version with the metal housings. Plus they are in excellent cosmetic and working condition and about 100 years old. $47SOLD 

REGO 2000 Ohm Headphones

A pretty uncommon brand of headphones, REGO 2000 ohm headphones circa 1922 in excellent cosmetic and working condition. Collectable for their rarity and well preserved cosmetic condition. $49

Berwick Supreme 2200 Ohm Headphones

Not a rare pair, but hard to find in such well preserved and working condition, Berwick Supreme 2200 Ohm headphones circa 1922-1923. $43

Frost Fones 3000 Ohm Headphones Model 172 Dark Brown Bakelite

Excellent working pair of early 1920's Frost model 172 headphones with 3000 ohms DC resistance in the hard to find brownish Bakelite. Great cosmetic condition and good sensitivity for crystal radio reception. $43SOLD

Western Electric US Navy Big Can Soundpowered Headset Chestset Decktalker

Complete and working Navy Soundpowered decktalker headset chestset unit. Press button and blow in the mic and hear loud and clear in both earphones. Western Electric soundpowered phones are right up there with the RCA units in terms of sensitivity for tiny signals and are pretty much the holy grail of headphones for crystal radio listening. I will include a Mouser 42-TM117 impedance matching transformer to match for the best performance with crystal radio. This unit is being sold intact as it was used on a ship, but the headphones can be removed and used separately. $145SOLD LJ

USECO 2000 Ohm Headphones

Very uncommon pair of USECO 2000 ohm headphones in working condition. This is the only pair I have ever seen so they must be uncommon or just plain rare. They are in working condition. One of the ear caps has some of the rim missing but taped up securely. $42SOLD LJ

Early Brandes NHI 2000 Ohm Headphones circa 1919-1920

Uncommon and early pair of Brandes NHI headphones in working condition and nearly impossible to find with both of the Bakelite terminal covers intact. Working well with very good sensitivity for crystal radio use but value is in their excellent condition and rarity. $69

RCA Low Impedance Headphones, working

Interesting and very uncommon working pair of RCA low impedance headphones with replacement cord. May be used for crystal radio reception with the right impedance matching transformer, like an old radio audio output transformer. $45SOLD LJ

John Firth Seibt 2000 Ohm Headphones

Uncommon pair of 1920's John Firth Seibt 2000 ohm headphones. The cord had a frayed area now bound up with matching color thread, and one of the coils was burned out so that was bypassed and now they are working. One side is a little louder than the other with the coil bypassed, but still work pretty well and are nice looking quality built German made headphones. $39SOLD LJ 

Western Electric 52 Operator headset, not working

Old operator headset with the boom mic arm, though the mic element and cover are missing and the set is nonfunctional, so use for parts, or stage prop. $3HOLD 

Automatic Electric Headphones with original box

Working pair of Automatic Electric headphones with the original box. Headphones are working but only fair to good condition with a taped up spot on the cord. $45

Holtzer Cabot Headphones with original box

Holtzer Cabot 2000 ohm headphones with original box circa 1923 in good working condition. A little fray on the distal ends of the cord. $56

The ACME headphones with original box

Good working pair of The ACME headphones with the original box, by Acme specialty company. $32   

Baldwin headphones were the first to use the balanced armature type of sound reproducer similar to that used in the later navy soundpowered headphones, making their sensitivity excellent. The armature was coupled to a transparent mica diaphragm and encircled by a large permanent magnet. They were among the best, and most expensive headphones available in the early 1920's, and the average worker would have to pay 1-2 weeks wages to buy a pair.  

A note about Baldwin Headphones
    Headphones by Nathaniel Baldwin were touted as being superior to other headphones of the 1920's due to their pivoting armature driving a pin attached to a mica diaphragm. After testing dozens of pairs of these headphones, I conclude that the main difference is increased sensitivity to very weak signals, and the volume on stronger signals is about the same as a good pair of Western Electric 509-Ws or Brandes headphones. They have an excursion limiting pin to stabilize the position of the armature in the magnet gap that limits the excursion of the armature and thereby limiting the volume at higher levels. So, don't buy a pair of Baldwins expecting them to be louder than a good pair of magnetic diaphragm type of headphones for general listening, but you should find that they pick up the very weak stations better than others. Also, since there are moving parts involved, there is sometimes some variability in volume and one side may be marginally louder than the other side.
  Baldwin #1

This pair of Baldwin headphones are in superb cosmetic condition, tested, with excellent sensitivity. Rare to find Baldwins with the original cloth covered cord and headband in such nice condition. They have obvioiusly been used rarely, if ever, over the past 100 years. $79SOLD LM

Baldwin #2

Another nice pair of Baldwin headphones in very nice condition, slight fray of the silk cord outer cover where it enters the housing. Excellent function and sensitivity. $59SOLD 

Trimm Type K 2200 Ohm Headphones

Very nice looking and great working pair of Trimm Type K 2200 ohm headphones. Made to same military specifications as the Western Electric 509 headphones. The headbands on these Type K headphones is quite generous in size, possibly to accommodate wearing over a hat, so you may need to add a bit of padding under the top of the headband is you have a smaller hat size. Great sensitivity for crystal radio use. $49

Kay Headphones 2000 ohm

Kay headphones are quite uncommon, and this pair does work but the sound is pretty weak, so sold as a collectible and not for general usage. $27

R&Z 2000 ohm Headphones

A very uncommon pair of R&Z 2000 ohm headphones in good working condition, replacement vintage cloth cord. $32   

Military Signal Corps R-2-A Headphones 2200 Ohms

Military Signal Corps R-2-A headphones with 2200 ohms DC resistance in very good working condition. They have the flat ear caps that can be used inside of a flying helmet. They have a 1/4 inch plug. The sensitivity is excellent can would be great for use with crystal radio. $41

JS Timmons 2000 Ohm Headphones

Another uncommon pair of headphones, JS Timmons 2000 ohm headphones is good working condition. $49

No name 2000 ohm headphones

Working pair of 1920's headphones sensitivity adequate for crystal radio reception. The cloth is split on one of the canvas headband covers. $19

Western Electric Style military HUBMIL TS-5

This is a nice military single 1000 ohm headphone in good working condition. Suitable for use with crystal radio and the unit looks like a Western Electric type element. $23HOLD

Coherer Products 1000 ohm single earphone

Rare Coherer Products 1000 ohm single earphone in working condition. This is the only Coherer headphone I have ever seen so must be pretty uncommon. $41 

Crosley 2000 ohm headphones #2

Crosley 2000 ohm headphones in good working condition, cord has one patched area bound with black thread over a frayed area. One repaired chip on the edge of the ear cap. $49

Crosley 2000 Ohm headphones #4
Crosley 2000 ohm headphones in good cosmetic condition, cord has been replaced with another vintage cloth cord so they are fully functional. $57      

Western Electric 509-W and similar model headphones were among the highest quality headphones and the first choice for professional radiomen back in the 1920's. They were based on the same design made by Western Electric for use in WW-I which include the model P-II used with the Signal Corps DeForest BC-14A crystal radio, and the model 194-W used in the WW-I leather pilot flying helmets. They were quite expensive and costed about a week's wages for the average worker at the time. The model 509-W were built to the same military specifications as those models. The ones available below have been cleaned up and are in good working condition with excellent sensitivity for using with crystal radios. Some of the cords have had to be replaced. Even though these are about 100 years old they are working great and should give many more years of service.

Western Electric 509-W #2

Western Electric 509-W headphones is good working condition with the original military style cord and leatherette covered headband. The cord has the original spade terminals. There work very well with great sensitivity for crystal radio reception. $46SOLD JP 

Western Electric 509-W #3

Good working pair of Western Electric 509-W headphones with very good sensitivity for crystal radio reception. This pair has replacement cord and original leatherette covered headband. $52

Western Electric 509-W #4

Good working pair of Western Electric 509-W headphones with very good sensitivity for crystal radio reception. This pair has replacement cord and original canvas covered headband. $52

Western Electric 509-W #5

Good working pair of Western Electric 509-W headphones with very good sensitivity for crystal radio reception. This pair has replacement cord and original canvas covered headband. $52

Brandes Superior 2000 Ohm Headphones #1 circa 1922

Nice working pair of Brandes Superior 2000 Ohm headphones in very good condition. Tested and working well with very good sensitivity for crystal radio use. $46SOLD 

Brandes Superior 2000 Ohm Headphones #3 circa 1922

Circa 1922 pair of Brandes Superior 2000 ohm headphones with replacement cord otherwise very good condition and very good sensitivity for crystal radio.$38

Brandes Superior 2000 Ohm Headphones #4 circa 1922

 Nice working pair of Brandes Superior 2000 Ohm headphones in excellent cosmetic and working condition. Tested and working well with very good sensitivity for crystal radio use. $47

Brandes Superior 2000 Ohm Headphones #9
Brandes 2000 ohm headphones in very good cosmetic and working condition. A couple of very minor fray spots on the cord otherwise in very nice condition.  $45HOLD 

Early Brandes 2000 ohm headphones #12

Early circa 1920 Brandes Superior headphones with replacement cord in otherwise good working condition. $31SOLD 

Trimm  500 Ohm Headphones
Working pair of Trimm 500 ohm DC resistance headphones with cloth covered cord. adequately sensitive for crystal radio reception. Simple wire headband, and cord has a patch on it but functions fine. $19

Trimm Professional 4000 Ohm Headphones

Good working pair of Trimm Professional 4000 ohm DC resistance headphones. Original cloth cord in good condition. Work well for crystal radio. $38SOLD GH

ACME Trimm headphones 2000 ohm

Pair of ACME Trimm 2000 ohm headphones, economy model but appear to be unused, and in working condition. $19

HOLDS: If you want a pair of headphones or other item but need some time before purchasing, I will place the item on HOLD for a period of up to 2 weeks. After that the hold will be released and item sold to any buyer who wants it. Sorry I can't place items on hold longer. NO exceptions to this rule.  Items that say hold after the price are on hold.

Keystone 2200 Ohm Headphones

This is a fairly rare pair of Keystone headphones by American Electric Company in good working condition. The cord is a bit short and repaired at the end, but they work great and would work well for crystal radio use. $49.

Holleyfone 2000 Ohm headphones

Another uncommon set of headphones, Holleyfone from Holley MFG in Newark NJ, 2000 ohms DC resistance in very good cosmetic and working condition. Beautiful shiny chromed or polished nickel housings. $44SOLD LM

Crown Mechanics 2000 Ohm Headphones

This is a very uncommon pair of Crown Mechanics 2000 ohm headphones from Rochester that are in good working condition. $39

Automatic Electric 1500 Ohm Headphones

Automatic Electric headphones from the mid to late 1920's in quite nice cosmetic and working condition. Work fine for crystal radio use, tested and working well. Nice leatherette covered headband. $36 

Blue Streak 2000 Ohm Headphones

This is one of a very few pairs of Blue Streak headphones that I have ever seen, so they must be pretty uncommon. These are in very good cosmetic and working condition. $34       

Unbranded Single Earphone 1000 ohms

Simple single headphone, no name brand but probably by Cannon. They are 1000 ohms and work OK, can hear some locals, but not really sensitive enough for distant stations. $8SOLD 

NRI Single Headphone 1000 ohms

Good working single 1000 ohm NRI headphone circa late 1920's. $14

ACME Trimm 2000 Ohm headphones with replacement cord

Working pair of economy grade Trimm ACME 2000 ohm headphones in working condition with replacement cord. Able to hear some local stations on crystal radio. $14SOLD RH

Will be listing many more headphones over the next few weeks, inquire is there is something specific you are looking for.     

ACME Trimm 1000 ohm single earphone

Cheap but working set of ACME 1000 ohm single sided earphone, I can hear some local stations on crystal radio. $12SOLD 

USVB 2000 Ohm Headphones

This is a fairly uncommon pair of USVB 2000 ohm headphones, in good working condition. Look a lot like Trimm headphones, possibly made on a contract. Fine for crystal radio reception. $35

Trimm Dependable 2000 Ohm Headphones

Good working 2000 ohm Trimm Dependable headphones with some fray of the outer cover of the cord at the Y connection but otherwise good working condition and suitable for crystal radio reception. $28 

Trimm 500 Ohm Headphones

Uncommon 500 ohm pair of Trimm Headphones in working condition, replacement headband, and a bound up spot on the cord. $19 

Low Impedance Cheapie Headphones

Working pair of fairly modern low impedance headphones, tinned ends on the wire. $11HOLD 

RMCA 2000 ohm headphones

Rather beat up but functional pair of RMCA (Radio Marine Corporation of America) headphones, probably same as Trimm Featherweight. Will work for crystal radio. $21 

New Section Display or Mod Headphones
Nonworking Headphones for Display, Stage Props, or for rebuilding or Steampunk Mods Nothing over $20 sorting through some next few days. 

CannonBall Dixie 1920's Headphones

Nice looking pair of 1920's Cannon-Ball Dixie headphones. The are not working, but the coils in both units are good. $19

Metro 1000 ohm headphones, good units, bad cord

Another set with good units but a bad cord that would work with a new cord. Metro headphones to go along with a Metro crystal set from the early 1920's. $18SOLD EB 

NOS Sylvania 1N450 Glass Body Point Contact Germanium Crystal Diodes

New Old stock of Sylvania crystal diodes, probably 1950's vintage, nice long leads, tested and work great for crystal radio detectors. $2 each or $17 for a dozen.

Package of 7 Germanium Point Contact Crystal Radio Detector Diodes

Assortment of seven diodes. One vintage Sylvania 1N450 diode, two Russian D9B detector diodes, two US made NOS military diodes, and two modern 1N34A diodes.
All work great for crystal radio detectors. $4

Package of 12 Diodes

A dozen new old stock military germanium point contact detector diodes, (sorry the photo only shows 10 but offer is for 12) behave like 1N34A but they are unmarked so I don't know the exact specs, but tested and work equivalent to any 1N34A diode I have. $4.50
Bulk purchase option buy 100 diodes for $15.

Other Stuff

See 1920's Battery set parts page for vintage radio parts occasionally list Transformers, tubes, and test equipment.
Click here to see the Headphone Museum Gallery

NO REPLACEMENT DOUBLE CORDS AVAILABLE They have these at Phoneco, email to

NO REPLACEMENT CORDS or Diaphragms AVAILABLE Sorry, they are no longer available. Phoneco has just got them in stock, newly made nice cloth covered cords, email to and ask about the headphone cords. They are charging about $39 each which is more than most headphones are worth.


These are not original W.E. parts but will fit W.E. 509W and similar headphones with the same size threads. $0.39 each

Earpiece units:
1 pair Murdock 55, 1000 ohm  earpiece with good coils, no cap or diaphragm $13 ball and socket type circa 1915
 Sorry, no Baldwin parts. Have some Brandes units earpieces available with good coils without the diaphragms or earcaps,  no headbands or cords $5.

Sorry, no repair service available, plenty of advice given free though. Many other parts available, inquire.

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