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Several new pairs just listed on these pages.

      Throw away that little crystal earplug and try a pair of real vintage headphones and you will be amazed at the quality of sound a simple crystal set can produce. (I have recently appreciated the sensitivity of a good crystal earplug, but the sound is poor in quality. Mouser has the best.)
    I collect headphones and occasionally have to buy a box of several headphones to get one or two for my collection. The rest are then tested and repaired if necessary. The housings are cleaned and polished lightly if needed. Any cord repairs are neatly bound with matching color thread, but I try to keep the original cord if it is electrically intact. Remember these headphones are up to 80 years old, may have minor cosmetic imperfections unless noted. Will give detailed description or digital photo on request. I try them on a crystal radio which is a good test of their sensitivity. Battery sets have a stronger output and don't need quite as much sensitivity from the headphones.
    I have tested and have tried to rate each pair of phones for their sensitivity and suitability to use on crystal radio or battery sets. Most date back to the 1920's or 1930's. Some are pricy but  consider that a pair of good headphones cost 2 or 3 day's wages back in the early 1920's, (a week's wages in the case of Baldwins or Western Electrics) they are relatively inexpensive now.
New Postal Rates keep going up all the time.
For US Postal Service Priority Mail shipping within US figure 2 pounds weight for 1 headset using the link below to the postal service, or email me for the actual cost of postage for larger shipments (within US). Click USPS icon below for US Postal rates from my zipcode 23320.
NOTE: Insurance is highly recommended as I cannot reimburse for loss or damage in the mail unless the postal insurance pays for it. Insurance is not available to some overseas locations, so shipping would be at your own risk. If it is available I will offer rates with and without insurance. If no insurance is chosen, and the package is lost, I will send you a photo of the postal receipt for proof of mailing but can NOT offer reimbursement if you do not elect to get the insurance coverage.

I recommend you add insurance for amount of purchase, not responsible for damage or disappearance in mail, so insurance is recommended. $2 for $50 coverage from US Postal Service.
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Sorry, no repair service available.
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A note about cords: The old cloth cords on these headphones are up to 85 years old and some are a bit fragile or stiff. I test them all for electrical continuity before sending them and make any necessary electrical repairs so they will arive to you  in working condition, but I can't really guarantee how long they will last since some may be on their last strand of conductor wire inside, so I have to offer no warranty on the cords either for longevity or appearance other than to say they are tested and working when I send them.

Featured Headphone: This is a special pair that I will put at the top of the page here that are either in exceptional condition, or a rare or unusual pair.  

Selling off a few of my boxed headphones I have collected over the years.

Frost 174 Headphones in Original Box

Pair of Frost 174 headphones in the original colorful box from about 1925 or so. The box has some wear and tear and a couple of small puncture holes but overall good condition. The headphones are in excellent condition and work fine for crystal radio. $55

Trimm Featherweight 600 ohm headphones in original box

New in the original box pair of Trimm Featherweight 600 ohm impedance headphones. $35

MIRACO Midwest Radio Company headphones

This is a truly rare pair of headphones by Miraco, Midwest Radio Company. They are in very good to excellent condition and are working fine. This is the only pair of Miraco headphones I have ever seen and is a true collectable piece. $145 

Vest O Phone crystal radio

This little earphone unit is really a complete crystal radio built into an earphone housing. You can see the little crystal and catwhisker in the photo. There is a crack in the rim of the earphone cap but has been glued so it is secure. Quite an unusual set. $49

Kilbourne and Clark headphones

This is another truly rare pair of headphones, by Kilbourne and Clark. These are also in very nice cosmetic and working condition. K & C made a nice crystal radio that is much more common than the headphones, which are rarely seen, and almost never in this nice working condition. $135

SECO 2000 ohm headphones

This is a quite uncommon pair pf Spielman Electric Company headphones, SECO, in very nice cosmetic and good working condition as well. They must be on the rare side as this is the only pair I have ever seen. $79SOLD

USIC Navy Soundpowered Headphones

This is a very nice pair of USIC Navy Soundpowered headphones fitted with the heavy duty cord spliced on to it and pin tips for termination. These have superb sensitivity for crystal radio reception and I will include a little Mouser 42-TM117 impedance matching transformer. $79SOLD 

Will be listing many more headphones over the next few weeks, inquire is there is something specific you are looking for.      

Trimm CTX-49003 Military 2200 Ohm Headphones

This is a great pair of military Trimm Type K CTX-49003 military headphones with leather covered headband and long cord with 1/4 inch plug. They are is very nice cosmetic and excellent working condition with excellent sensitivity for crystal radio reception. $69 

Trimm Rex 2000 Ohm headphones

Nice pair of Trimm Rex 2000 ohm headphones with cloth cord and mini plug adapter. Works fine for crystal radio. $23

The Rex 2000 ohm headphones

Another pair of The Rex 2000 ohm headphones this one with aluminum housings, also in excellent condition and working fine for crystal radio use. This pair looks almost unused and in like new condition. $25

Signal Corps R-14 Military Headphones 3000 ohms

This is a working pair of Signal Coprs Military R-14 headphones with 3000 ohms DC resistance. They were made to use in a helmet and have a very short cord. $19

ACME Trimm 2000 ohm headphones

ACME Trimm economy grade headphones in good working condition, fine for hearing local stations on crystal radio. $19

Newcomb Black 2000 ohm headphones

These are economy grade more recent headphones in 2000 ohm DC resistance with replacement black cord that work quite well for crystal radio reception. Cord has tinned ends. $19 have several

Brandes NHI 2000 Ohm headphones circa 1920

This is a quite uncommon pair of Brandes NHI 2000 ohm headphones, with some wear of the headband cloth and a chip off the housings that cover the screw terminals on the back of the housings. These are still in about the best condition of any of the Brandes NHI that I have seen and are in working condition. The diameter is a little smaller than the other Brandes, and the increased diameter improved the tone and sensitivity, but still able to hear stations well on crystal radio. A collectable and uncommon set. $49

USVB 2000 Ohm Headphones

This is a fairly uncommon pair of USVB 2000 ohm headphones, in good working condition. Look a lot like Trimm headphones, possibly made on a contract. Fine for crystal radio reception. $35

Trimm Dependable 2000 Ohm Headphones
An exceptionally clean and nice working pair of Trimm 2000 ohm headphones with the pin tips on the cord, work fine. $34   

CannonBall Master 2000 ohm headphones

CannonBall Master 2000 ohm headphones in good condition, OK for local stations on crystal radio, one side is a bit louder than the other, cord is in great shape. $18

Trimm Featherweight 300 ohm single headphone in original box

This is a new in the original box set of Trimm Featherweight 300 ohm headphones, look like they have never been used. $36

Cannon Alnico Magnetic Headphones unused in original box

This is a pair of Cannon Alnico Magnetic 2000 ohm headphones in the original box with original packing paper, There is a little rust on the headband yoke from storage, but otherwise in new condition. $25

Western Electric 509W Headphones
This is a good working pair of Western Electric 509-W headphones with the later type curved script in good working condition, has a small patch on the cord and the leather covered headband. $65HOLD   

Trimm Dependable 2000 Ohm Headphones

Very good used pair of 2000 ohm Trimm Dependable headphones with nice cloth cord and 1/4 inch plug. Very good for use on crystal radio. $30

Harvey Wells low impedance Headphones

Uncommon Harvey Wells low impedance headphones maybe 1950's vintage in working condition. Great addition to your Harvey Wells ham radio gear. $35        

New Section Display or Mod Headphones
Nonworking Headphones for Display, Stage Props, or for rebuilding or Steampunk Mods Nothing over $20 sorting through some next few days.

Alnico headphones, not working

This pair of Alnico headphones is a new old stock pair, but coils are open circuit so it is not working. The cord is good or they could be used for a prop or to rebuild. $17

Brush Crystal Headphones

A nonworking but not bad looking pair of Brush crystal headphones, for display or a stage prop. $11SOLD   

Cheap Gray Headphones

This is a cheapie pair of headphones with separate cord for each side, and about 1800 ohms DC resistance per side. They are actually in working condition but are not very good performers. $9 

Wen Model 100 Soldering Gun

This is a Wen soldering iron it works and the tip heats up to temperature in about 3 seconds. You can't buy a better soldering gun and nothing made today works as well as a vintage This one is used but tested, no cracks, and working fine. Wen. $19SOLD    Have several others available, inquire if interested.

NOS Sylvania 1N450 Glass Body Point Contact Germanium Crystal Diodes

New Old stock of Sylvania crystal diodes, probably 1950's vintage, nice long leads, tested and work great for crystal radio detectors. $3 each or $25 for a dozen and free shipping.

NOS Vintage Sylvania 1N48 glass body Point Contact Diodes

These are new old stock Sylvania glass body 1N48 Germanium point contact diodes, the early style with the metal caps and clear large glass body. These have been tested and are excellent crystal radio detectors, subjectively as good as any 1N34 diodes I have. They have the full length leads as shown. $4 each or $35 for a dozen  and free shipping within the US

Package of 7 Germaniun Point Contact Crystal Radio Detector Diodes

Assortment of seven diodes. One vintage Sylvania 1N48 diode, two Russian D9B detector diodes, two US made NOS military diodes, and two modern 1N34A diodes.
All work great for crystal radio detectors. $6 and free shipping within the US.

Package of 12 Diodes

A dozen new old stock military germanium point contact detector diodes, (sorry the photo only shows 10 but offer is for 12) behave like 1N34A but they are unmarked so I don't know the exact specs, but tested and work equivalent to any 1N34A diode I have. $4 and free shipping within the US on this offer.
Bulk purchase option buy 100 diodes for $15 which includes free shipping within the US.

Other Stuff
Fightin' Bull Mother of Pearl Hand Crafted Pen knife

I bought several of these collectable high quality hand made pocket knives from Wendell Carson and need to sell some of them off. I am pricing them at less than I paid. Mint unused new in the box condition, opened up only to take the photo.  $79 (less than I paid for it)  Have several other styles, only one of this kind. 

See 1920's Battery set parts page for vintage radio parts occasionally list Transformers, tubes, and test equipment.
Click here to see the Headphone Museum Gallery

NO REPLACEMENT DOUBLE CORDS AVAILABLE They have these at Phoneco, email to

NO REPLACEMENT CORDS or Diaphragms AVAILABLE Sorry, they are no longer available. Phoneco has just got them in stock, newly made nice cloth covered cords, email to and ask about the headphone cords. They are charging about $39 each which is more than most headphones are worth.


These are not original W.E. parts but will fit W.E. 509W and similar headphones with the same size threads. $0.39 each

Earpiece units:
1 pair Murdock 55, 1000 ohm  earpiece with good coils, no cap or diaphragm $13 ball and socket type circa 1915
 Sorry, no Baldwin parts. Have some Brandes units earpieces available with good coils without the diaphragms or earcaps,  no headbands or cords $5.

Sorry, no repair service available, plenty of advice given free though. Many other parts available, inquire.

Variable Capacitors: go to the 1920's radio parts page.

Just listed some nice vintage National variable tuning capacitors on the radio parts page.

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