Radio Parts for 1920's Radios and Test Equipment 

Use for building a one or 2 tube radio just like in the 1920's.
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Vacuum Tubes recently added at bottom of page

Old Radio Parts:

Light Bulb Batch

There are at least a couple hundred light bulbs here, including 43, 44, 46, 47, 48, 14 bulbs for antique radios, GE 67, NE-48, NE-4, NE-51, 84, GE-82, PR-2 flashlight bulbs, some halogen bulbs, some 120V bulbs. Whole batch for $9 plus shipping.

National Variable Capacitors

Vintage high quality National brand variable capacitors in their original colorful boxes, unused new old stock. I have several that are 20 pf and several 25 pf. $16 each

National 25 pf differential capacitors

This is a pair of National 25 pf differential variable capacitors. An uncommon type that varies the capacitance between the center rotor and 2 side stators, kind of like a potentiometer with capacitance instead of resistance. Can also be wired with just the center and one side to use as a standard variable capacitor. Comes with the original box and a bag of mounting hardware. $25HOLD JD for the pair.

Batch #3

Batch of tubes and stuff. Includes a 7 pin mini tube socket, a 6 volt vibrator, IF coil, GE lamp,  relay contact set, and tubes 6BA6, 12CR6, VU111, 6802, 6Q5, 7QL7, 6AC5, and some unidentified tubes. I was able to test 3 tubes, the 6BA6 tests good, the 6AC5 tests good, and the 12CR6 is weak. The GE lamp has good filament continuity. All for $8

Geiger E-Z Tester Tube Tester

This little Geiger tube tester comes with the original instruction sheet and the original company box. I have not plugged it in to test it. $19

Capacitor with nice dial

This old 1920's era capacitor has a nice 3" dial with a concentric vernier tuning knob, though it is not attached to anything now. Main dial tunes the single plate on the rotor. $

  Zenith Wavemagnet and cable

This is a Zenith Radio Wavemagnet and the cable from an old Zenith portable radio, model unknown. $6

NOS Vintage Sylvania 1N48 glass body Point Contact Diodes

These are new old stock Sylvania glass body 1N48 Germanium point contact diodes, the early style with the metal caps and clear large glass body. These have been tested and are excellent crystal radio detectors, subjectively as good as any 1N34 diodes I have. They have the full length leads as shown. $3 each 
Also have some NOS Sylvania 1N480 diodes at $2 each

Package of 7 Germanium Point Contact Crystal Radio Detector Diodes

Assortment of seven diodes. One vintage Sylvania 1N48 diode, two Russian D9B detector diodes, two US made NOS military diodes, and two modern 1N34A diodes.
All work great for crystal radio detectors. $6.

Package of 12 Diodes

A dozen new old stock military germanium point contact detector diodes, (sorry the photo only shows 10 but offer is for 12) behave like 1N34A but they are unmarked so I don't know the exact specs, but tested and work equivalent to any 1N34A diode I have. $5.
Special offer 100 of these diodes for $15.

Wen 250 Watt soldering iron

Wen Model 250K soldering iron, heavy duty 250 watt soldering iron in the original metal box. Tested and working. $33

Wen Model 100K

Wen Model 100K soldering gun kit in original plastic case and includes the standard soldering tip. Tested and working. $29

Wen Model 199 Soldering Iron

Wen Model 199 soldering gun kit in original package, includes the standard soldering tip and a cutting tip. Tested and working. $30

Wen Model 199K Soldering Iron

Wen Model 199K soldering iron in great condition with original box and includes standard soldering tip and the flat tip. $34

Wen Model 199K Soldering Iron

Nearly like new Wen Model 199K soldering iron in fantastic condition includes 2 new unused tips, a cutting tip and the standard soldering tip, plus the original paper slips. $42SOLD

Wen Soldering Iron Model 100K

Wen Model 100K soldering gun kit in original package, new old stock, completely unused and includes the standard soldering tip and a cutting tip. $35

Wen Soldering Iron Model 199

Wen Model 199 Quick Hot soldering iron with the original cardboard box and packing slip. Standard soldering tip tested and working. $29

Wen 199 soldering iron, works great with fast tip heat up. The metal box is rough but the gun is in nice shape. $36
Have several more in various conditions. 


Thordarson 24R35 power transformer with 2.5 volt filaments

Vintage new old stock Thordarson transformer with the hard to find 2.5 volt filament windings, specs as shown $48

Dynalec PT-1077

Dynalec smallish power transformer with specs as shown $16

Power transformer

Power transformer with specs as shown note the 295-0-295 volts at 225 mA, used tested good, $42

Big UTC power transformer

Big UTC power transformer with specs as shown $66

Thordarson power transformer

Thordarson power transformer secs as shown $17

Stancor PC8409 power transformer

New in original box vintage Stancor power transformer with specs as shown $42

Stancor P-8176 power transformer

Stancor power transformer with specs as shown $49

Thermador output transformer push pull 6L6 or similar

Thermador output transformer for push pull 6L6 output $45


Big Utah power transformer specs as shown 350-0-350 V at 90 mA, 5V at 3 A, 6.3 V at 3.5 A. $41

Small Thordarson with specs as noted in photo, tests good continuity and appears unused. Military grade $7

Federal Audio Transformer

Federal audio transformer, measures about 10K and 1K ohms DC resistance, so both windings good. Could use new black paint but it is just peeling off, not dented. $27

Rittenhouse audio transformer

Rittenhouse audio transformer, both windings good at 3.5K and about 200 ohms DC resistance. $22

This is a nice 8 watt Thordarson single or push pull audio output transformer with specs as above, new in the original box. $29

Olson T-92 Output transformer 5 watts specs as above. $12 Have 3 available

Olson 6.3 volt 1 amp filament transformer. $7

Audio Transformers:
Airline Audio Transformer, large and heavy open windings so not working $5SOLD 
Crosley audio transformer, open windings so not working $9SOLD
Crosley audio transformer, open windings so not working $8SOLD 
Crosley audio transformer, 5K to 400 ohms, working $21SOLD 
?Radiola audio transformer, 4K to low Z, working, $22
Thordarson Amplifying Transformer 5K to 1K working $22
Rauland All American 10K to 500 ohms, working $19SOLD 

Collins Freed transformer 31K to 30 ohms $17

Potted transformer with specs as pictured above. $7

Nice military spec potted audio transformer DC resistances are 2200 on the primary and 4 ohms on the secondary. $19

Computer cords

This lot has 7 of the cords on the right, and 4 of the USB printer type cords on the left. All for $6

Computer Power Cords

This lot consists of 6 computer type power cords. All 6 for $5

TV-7D/U Red Plate and Grid cap lead

This is an OEM grid and plate cap wire lead for TV-7D/U and similar tube testers. $7.


This is a little relay rated with solenoid of 26.5 V at 675 ohms resistance. It closes quite nicely using 18 volts from two 9 v transistor batteries on the solenoid. It is milspec new old stock. $2

High Voltage Oil Filled Capacitors

This is a lot of six oil filled high voltage capacitors, only one has been used, the other 5 have never been soldered. The GE one on the bottom left is 0.1 uf at 1500 VDC, and the one on the bottom right is three sections of 0.1 uf at 600 VDC.  All 6 caps for $1

25K Ohms Dual Potentiometer with the concentric shafts, audio taper 2 Watt

These are no longer made in this resistance range. These are dual potentiometers, each section can be adjusted independently using the dual concentric shafts. Outside shaft is 1/4 inch and inside shaft is 1/8 inch diameter. Each section is 25K ohms audio taper and the plate is high quality ceramic. Comes with washer and collar nut for the panel mounting. $2 each, or $19 for a dozen  


Batch of a dozen Buss fuses, 2 amp size AGS. $1 for the 3 packages, 12 fuses in all, have 2 lots.

Bag of Ferrite Toroids

This is a bag of about 50 ferrite toroids. There are 2 different sizes, the larger ones about 1/2 inch diameter, and the smaller ones about 3/8 inch diameter. $2 per bag

Vacuum Tubes

12AU7 tubes, test good, used $2Sold out but have some 5814 which are military substitute

Have a few preamp tubes type  12AT7, used and test good for $2 EACH

All tubes listed have been tested and are strong on my TV-7D/U military tube tester, unless otherwise noted

Hytron 864 tubes WD-11 substitute military packaging new old stock
New old stock Hytron 864 tubes, can be used as substitute for WD-11 tubes with a base adapter. $24 each, have 4

RCA 807 Tubes

Thw RCA 807 tubes tested and are good and strong. Slightly different internal construction as seen above. $19 for the pair

Two 71A tubes

A Philco and a Continental 71A tube both test good, though the Continental had a messy glue job sometime in the past. Both for $9SOLD LD

Three Sylvania 6SL7 brown base tubes

Three brown base Sylvania 6SL7WGT tubes that all test good. All 3 for $19

Miscellaneous Tubes

Military GE Brown Base 6V6GT tube, new in original box $9SOLD
Tung Sol New in box 6SA7 metal tube $1SOLD 
RCA Radiotron WX-12 tube tests very strong $29
Western Electric 215A tube, filament tests good continuity, no test socket available  $9 

6L6 Type tubes

Top Row:
Marconi new in original box, vintage tests as new $40SOLD
No name tubular shape tests as new $9
Philco vintage small ST shape tests as new, probably NOS $14SOLD
Zenith early vintage large ST shape, tests as new $19SOLD
RCA vintage large ST shape, tests good strong, not quite new, $11

Second row: 5881 and 5932 tubes equivalent to 6L6, military issue, all vintage USA made
RCA 5881 new in original box $49SOLD
RCA 5881, looks and tests as new, $39SOLD
Tung-Sol 5881 looks and tests as new $39SOLD
Tung-Sol 5881 looks and tests as new $39SOLD
Tung-Sol 5881 looks and tests as new $39SOLD
Sylvania 5932  tests good strong  $11 

6A3 Type tubes same application as 2A3 but with 6 volt (6.3V) filament directly heated triode, high quality early vintage USA made name brand audiophile tubes
test results on TV7-D/U minimum acceptable of 38, on my tested a new one tests around 64 plus or minus 2-4

Here is the whole box, individual tubes listed below:

Two T&RT USA 6A3 Tubes test as new

These look more recent, grayish plates, look and test as new (68) $79 for the pair

Two rare early Sylvania Double Flat Plate 6A3 Tubes

These are Sylvania double flat plate 6A3 tubes, test as new at 70, early highly desirable plate configuration $139 for the pair

Pair of early Tung-Sol new in original box 6A3

Early black paint Tung-Sol new in original slightly tattered boxes, test as new (64) match well for Gm $185

Single Tung-Sol 6A3 new in box

Military packaged black paint Tung-Sol new old stock tests as new at  70 $65

Lafayette, Greylock, and Hytron 6A3

Lafayette 6A3, made in USA, black paint, tests at 50 but looks like new $38
Greylock looks and tests as new (64) $45
Hytron tests at 60 which is pretty close to new but probably has had some use, $39

Raytheon Double Box Plate 6A3

Rare double box plate Raytheon 6A3, tests near new at 56, $58SOLD 

Three Sylvania 6A3 tubes

Sylvania 6A3 tests at 56  $35
Sylvania 6A3 tests at 60  $44
Sylvania 6A3 tests as new at 64  $49

RCA, Philco, Raytheon, Tung-Sol 6A3 all test as new at 64

RCA 6A3 tests as new at 64  $52
Philco 6A3 tests as new at 64  $44
Raytheon 6A3 tests as new at 64  $49
Tung-Sol 6A3 tests as new at 64  $55

Two Zenith New in original box 6A3 tubes

Two new in the original box Zenith 6A3 tubes both test as new at 66   $165

GE new in box 6A3

New old stock in original box GE 6A3 tests as new at 66  $69

6B4G tubes, same audio tube as the 6A3 on an octal base, will be posting soon.

Sylvania 6SL7 tubes Round Plate

Pair of vintage Sylvania 6SL7 tubes, probably used briefly and test at or near new 56-52 and 56-54 with minimum of 32.
These have the round plates$19 for the pair

National Union 6113 tubes, 6SL7 equivalent Round Plate Smoked Glass military spec

I have several of these NU 6113 tubes which are equivalent to 6SL7 but with military specifications. New ones test around 50-54 and they are listed below with the prices:
Below are singles:
Test 54-54  $12
Test 50-50  $11
Test 48-48 $9
Test 46-46  $9
Test 42-44  $5
Test 40-40  $5
Test 40-42  $5
Test 38-38 $3

Vintage dual triode 6SN7 tubes this batch tests at or near new, new ones test at or over 90 on my TV-7D/U minimum value of 50

Tall Sylvania 6SN7 test 98-98  $15
RCA test 94-98  $13
Sylvania test 98-96  $12SOLD
Sylvania test 90-94  $10SOLD
GE  test 96-98  $12
GE test 100-100 $13
Zenith test 86-88  $7
Sylvania test 96-96 $12SOLD
Teletone test 72-74  $4

Used vintage 6SN7 tubes

Pair of Channel Master test 50-50 and 50-50  $3 for the pair
Sylvania test 84-92 $4
Sylvania test 78-88 $3
Motorola test 84-88  $6
Zenith test 86-82 $6
GE test 86-86  $7
Sylvania test 90-90 $8

Tesla E88CC tubes 6922 Pair, with gold pins

Price is for 2 new in box Tesla Gold Pin E88CC tubes, same as 6922 tubes, retail cost about $40 each, both for $32

Western Electric 717A and RCA 112A

One Western Electric 717A tube new in sealed box, and one Raytheon 717A tube that tests as new both for $15SOLD 
RCA Radiotron UX-112-A tube tests strong with original box $29

#27 Tubes

RCA Cunningham #27 tubes $3 each have several
DeForest #27 tube $5SOLD
Majestic #27 tube $3
Sparton #27 tube $4

Philco 6F6 glass ST shaped $5SOLD
RCA 6F6 glass ST shaped $5SOLD
RCA #24A tube $4
Raytheon #27 ST shaped $2
Philco #42 tube $5SOLD
Wizard #43 Tube $2
Philco #78 tube $2

RCA 5Y3G rectifier tube new in original box unused $5SOLD 
Arcturus 201-A tube in original box, tests good, most of the blueing is rubbed off and end flaps missing on box $26
Sylvania #27 tube new in box unused $7

Rectifier Tubes:

Misc Rectifiers:

Other rectifier tubes not pictured: will test on inquiry
5Y3GT  $3 each
5U4G $4 eachSOLD OUT
6x5GT  $1
6W6GT $1
6AX5GT  $1
6W4GT  $1 


Philco 5X4G new in original box $4SOLD 
Hytron 5U4G ST shaped tube  $4SOLD
Raytheon #80 tubular shaped tube $4SOLD
National Union ST shaped #80 tube $4
RCA Radiotron Balloon S shaped #80 (280) tube tests as new $20SOLD 

Not pictured Many 5Y3 glass tubular shaped tubes at $3 each various brands

Many miscellaneous tubes tested and good including:
5Y3GT  $3
6AG7  $1
6BG6  new in box $2
6C5  $1SOLD
6C5G  $1
6DG6 GT $1
6DQ5  $4
6DQ6B new in box $2
6H6  $1
6J5  $1  Have some 6J5 glass ST shape $5
6J5G  $2
6K6  $1
6K7  $1
6SK7  $1
6SQ7  $1
35L6 $1SOLD
36 $1
50L6  $1SOLD OUT  

9 Pin Tubes

other 9 pin tubes

Group of seven new in box Tung-Sol tubes bundled together all for $10 including:
12AZ7A, 12C5/12CU5, 25CA5, 6CU8, 6CU5, 6CS7, 6CN7 

Tubes listed below are used, will test them when you inquire cost $1 each

Tubes listed here are tested and all test good and strong cost $2 each
12AU7 sold out but have some 5814 which are military substitute

7 Pin Tubes

Tubes listed below are used, will test on inquiry, cost $1 each







Western Electric 407A new in box $3
Western Electric 403A
Western Electric 403B
Western Electric 408A
1S4 tubes new in box $2 each

Other tubes:
Subminiature Tubes:

5672  $2 each new in box  (1.25 volt filament pentode amplifier)
5676  $2 each  new in box  (1.25 volt triode amplifier, can be used to sub for an old WD-11 tube with a filament resistor)
6418  $3 each new in box  (1.25 volt pentode, nice for 1 tube regen radios) 

Antique and Audiophile Tubes:
2A5 ST shape tests very good $15
843 RCA  $9

Coming Soon
Vast Selection of 2A3, 6A3, 6BG4, 6SL7, 6SU7, 6SN7, vintage tubes, most test as new, audiophile quality, will be listing soon but inquire now if interested.
Also many vintage 5V6, 6L6, at bargain prices.

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