Radio Parts for 1920's Radios and Test Equipment 

Use for building a one or 2 tube radio just like in the 1920's.
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NOS Vintage Sylvania 1N48 glass body Point Contact Diodes

These are new old stock Sylvania glass body 1N48 Germanium point contact diodes, the early style with the metal caps and clear large glass body. These have been tested and are excellent crystal radio detectors, subjectively as good as any 1N34 diodes I have. They have the full length leads as shown. $5 each  and free shipping within the US

Package of 7 Germaniun Point Contact Crystal Radio Detector Diodes

Assortment of seven diodes. One vintage Sylvania 1N48 diode, two Russian D9B detector diodes, two US made NOS military diodes, and two modern 1N34A diodes.
All work great for crystal radio detectors. $6 and free shipping within the US.

Package of 12 Diodes

A dozen new old stock military germanium point contact detector diodes, (sorry the photo only shows 10 but offer is for 12) behave like 1N34A but they are unmarked so I don't know the exact specs, but tested and work equivalent to any 1N34A diode I have. $5 and free shipping within the US on this offer.
Special offer 100 of these diodes for $15 postpaid within US.

Variable Capacitors

Johnson Variable Cap

This is a high quality vintage Johnson ceramic body variable capacitor about 20 pf, great for fine tuning or antenna input. Have several new unused. $11sold out

High Quality Vintage 1930's National Ceramic Body Variable Capacitors

These are very high quality new old stock in the original colorful boxes National variable caps in various sizes. Have some others as well, inquire. Some of the boxes have some shelf wear but the capacitors are still wrapped in the original tissue, most have never been out of the boxes. Have several of most of them except the 250, only one of those
ST series (ST-50 pictured above), 180 degree CCW to open, single hole panel mount, number indicates the max capacitance in pf.
ST-35  $16 each
ST-50  $16 each
ST-75  $17 each

SE Series have slightly larger frame, 270 degree CCW to open, single hole panel mount
SE-75  $19
SE-100  $19
SE-150  $20

PSE Series, small frame, ceramic end
PSE-75  $13sold
PSE-100  $14sold

SEU-15  $16  High voltage, 270 degree CCW to open
SEU-20  $16  as above

STHS-15  $14 Similar to the Johnson cap pictured above,
STHS-20  $15

STH-250  $24  similar to the ST series (only one available)
STH-300  $26  as above (only one available)
SEH-300  $27 similar to SE series (only one available)

Wen Model 100 Soldering Iron

This is the soldering iron only, Wen Model 100, quick heating vintage soldering iron. As above but no box or other extras. $19

Have several other Wen soldering irons, some in the original cases, will post soon, inquire if interested. 

Wen 199K soldering iron, has new tip installed and works great with fast tip heat up. The metal box is rought but the gun is in nice shape. $26HOLD
Have several more in various conditions. 

Sylvania 1N38 Vintage Ceramic diodes

Earliest Sylvania model of the ceramic body germanium diodes. Have 2 of these, great crystal radio diodes, unused.  $7.50  each

Kemtron 1N40 Diode

Vintage Kemtron 1N40 diode, great crystal radio diode, tested. $3SOLD 

Kemtron Diode

Kemtron K345 diode, also tested and works great on crystal radio $2

Kentron Gold Diode

This is a gold clad Kemtron diode, exceptional crystal radio sensitivity $8SOLD  

Sylvania 1N34 glass body diode
I have a few old Sylvania 1N34 Glass body point contact germanium diodes, most are used with the leads as shown in the photos, but have been tested and show excellent crystal radio reception and sensitivity. There are a couple different body styles, the smaller one on the left and the larger one on the right. I have a few of each. $4 each.

NOTE: Be careful if you solder the leads on germanium diodes as they are heat sensitive. Wrap the body with a small piece of wet paper towel and minimize the amount of heat used and quench the joint as soon as it sets.

Military Signal Tracer

This is a compact signal tracer milspec in working condition. Comes with the AC power cord, but no input cable or other accessories. I tested it on a crystal radio circuit with headphones and it is in working condition. It uses a 12AX7 tube which is good. $15SOLD

  Audio Transformers

Pair of interstage transformers, unused, test good. $20 for both

Stancor interstage transformer, $7sold  

Collins Freed transformer 31K to 30 ohms $17

Lavoie milspec transformer, specs as pictured. $15


Vintage Thordarson audio transformer DC resistances 2450 ohms, 33 ohms and 37 ohms, would be great for impedance matching transformer for soundpowered headphones to crystal radio $16SOLD

Potted transformer with specs as pictured above. $7

Nice military spec potted audio transformer DC resistances are 2200 on the primary and 4 ohms on the secondary. $19

Above is a Cross Electronics "Magnetic Amplifier" don't know what it is, but it is in a potted transformer case. $2sold 

This is a little interstage transformer 1000 to 500 ohms, tested and shows appropriate continuity. $4

Another small military Collins transformer with specs as noted in photo. It has split secondaries, tested good. $5

Small blue audio frequency transformer 1500 to 15 ohms with 60 to 10K frequency response. Appears unused, tests good for continuity. $9

Computer cords

This lot has 7 of the cords on the right, and 4 of the USB printer type cords on the left. All for $6

Computer Power Cords

This lot consists of 6 computer type power cords. All 6 for $5

TV-7D/U Red Plate and Grid cap lead

This is an OEM grid and plate cap wire lead for TV-7D/U and similar tube testers. $7.75  includes FREE shipping within the US.  


This is a little relay rated with solenoid of 26.5 V at 675 ohms resistance. It closes quite nicely using 18 volts from two 9 v trasnistor batteries on the solenoid. It is milspec new old stock. $2

7 Amp choke

This is a high current 7 amp 1.1 mH choke, used, tested and shows good continuity. $3sold

High Voltage Oil Filled Capacitors

This is a lot of six oil filled high voltage capacitors, only one has been used, the other 5 have never been soldered. The GE one on the bottom left is 0.1 uf at 1500 VDC, and the one on the bottom right is three sections of 0.1 uf at 600 VDC.  All 6 caps for $10

25K Ohms Dual Potentiometer with the concentric shafts, audio taper 2 Watt

These are no longer made in this resistance range. These are dual potentiometers, each section can be adjusted independently using the dual concentric shafts. Outside shaft is 1/4 inch and inside shaft is 1/8 inch diameter. Each section is 25K ohms audio taper and the plate is high quality ceramic. Comes with washer and collar nut for the panel mounting. $3 each, or $29 for a dozen

Differential Milliameter

This is an old Differential Milliameter by Electrical Instrument Services Inc of Mt Vernon, NY in excellent condition. I can't verify it is operatiing correctly, but needle does respond when I apply a tiny current to the terminals. $19 

Code Oscillator with key

This is a really old probably 1930's  vintage code practice oscillator and key mounted on a board. No tubes included, just what is pictured above. It might be a project to make it function or just use parts as needed. $9SOLD   

Simpson 0-100 milliamp panel meter

This meter lists for about $80 in the current Mouser catalog. This is an old stock large milliameter by Simpson. Size is about 3.75 x 4.57 inches. $15

Weston 0-200 Microamp meter

This is an unused Weston 0-200 microamp meter with a very rare 270 degree sweep of the needle. It is 3 inch diameter and in working condition. $15HOLD


Batch of a dozen Buss fuses, 2 amp size AGS. $1 for the 3 packages, 12 fuses in all, have 2 lots.

Bag of Ferrite Toroids

This is a bag of about 50 ferrite toroids. There are 2 different sizes, the larger ones about 1/2 inch diameter, and the smaller ones about 3/8 inch diameter. $2 per bag

6-32 by 1 inch Stainless Steel Screws

I bought a bunch of these at a surplus sale. They are in a box of 100 screws for $2.50  Great for construction projects

Vacuum Tubes

12AU7 tubes, test good, used 2 for $1 have only a few of these

Have a few preamp tubes type 6SN7, 12AT7, used and test good for $1 EACH
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