Vintage Radio Books For Sale
RCA Radiotron Designer's Handbook
This is the RCA big red book an engineer's handbook to just about everything you could possibly want to know about vacuum tubes and designing circuits that use them. It is way above my head but has lots of schematics and sample projects. $15

Audel's Handy Book of Practical Electricity
This is a very practical book of Electricity complete with handy reference data.  It is written in simple language for the average hobbyist and is a nearly complete course covering electricity, magnetism, radio, motors, transformers, and much more. Well illustrated with diagrams and pictures on every page. $14SOLD 

Radio Boys Mystery Books

Three of the Radio Boys mystery books in good condition. These are highly collectable and getting harder to find. All 3 for $25SOLD .

S. Gernsback's Radio Encyclopedia

This is a reprint of the 1927 Radio Encyclopedia published by the Gernsback Radio News publisher. An A to Z guide to radio terminology and general information. $9

Old Time Telephones

Guide to the technology, restoration and repair, dating back to pre-1900 battery telephones up to more modern phones. Very good condition. $9SOLD 

Radio Collector's Guide

Guide to collecting early radios by Morgan McMahon. $7 

RCA Receiving Tube Manual 1947

1947 RCA Receiving Tube Manual, with tube data and schematic circuits, fair condition $4

RCA Receiving Tube Manual 1950

This is a 1950 RCA receiving Tube Manual. It is complete, but in fairly poor condition with the spine coming loose. $3

RCA Receiving Tube Manual 1957

This is a 1957 RCA receiving Tube Manual. It is complete, but in fairly poor condition with the spine coming loose, contents complete and fine. $3

1960 RCA Receiving Tube Manual

This is a 1960 RCA receiving Tube Manual. It is complete, but in fair condition with the spine coming loose. Lots of supplementary information. $3

RCA Reference Handbook

This is a 1966 RCA reference booklet that has many types of information including abbreviated tube characteristics, base diagrams, tube substitution, and some semiconductor reference information. $6

Essential Tube

Tabular reference tube data. $2

99 Ways to use your Oscilloscope
Practical general guide to using oscilloscopes. $4SOLD

General data about how vacuum tubes work. $4SOLD

Transistor Radios by Bunis

This is a collectors Guide to Transistor Radios by Bunis 320 pages, copyright 1996, color illustrations on every page and prices on every model listed. $9SOLD  
Riders Complete Index for Vol 1-10 of the Trouble Shooters Manuals

This is a complete index for the Riders Manuals up through volume X. A rare find and it will tell you which volume to find your radio in. $19

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These are classic radio servicing books all in very good condition. Shipping extra, but at actual cost.

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