Radio Parts for 1920's Radios and Test Equipment 

Use for building a one or 2 tube radio just like in the 1920's.
Add shipping, see postal links below, shipped from my zipcode of 23320.

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More Vacuum Tubes recently added at bottom of page

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Variable Tuning Capacitor

New in box tuning capacitors as used in vintage transistor radios complete with the tuner dial. The 2 gangs can be bridged for total of 200 pf. Have several $3 each

Ferrite BC Band Antenna Coil

Broadcast band antenna coils, use with a 365 pf variable capacitor to make an AM band crystal radio, single winding. Three available. $9 each

AM BC Band Antenna Coils

These are all new unused AM Broadcast band antenna coils. 
Gramer 14-1057 BC R.F. Coil, 2 windings $12
Gramer 14-9019 Transistor radio BC Antenna coil 240 uh  $11
Gramer 14-1-75 AM Antenna coil 2 windings, have 2 of these  $12 each
Olson L44 AM band antenna coil, one winding with an attached antenna wire you can unwrap $12
P-C70-RF  Two winding AM BC band $12
Little 2 winding AM BC band coil $9

Hammond 125E Output Transformer

Hammond audio output transformer, specs as shown in photo, DC capacity is 70 mA. $30

Pair of vintage Sylvania 2A3 Tubes

Pair of vintage Sylvania 2A3 tubes that test as new at 72 and 74 so very closely matched. Auditioned and they sound great. $145 for the pair

Couple of 2A3 Tubes Haltron and National

Haltron 2A3 Printed with Made in England, tests as new at 78 auditioned and sounds great $49
National Electronics 2A3 tests as new at 78, probably NOS with original box, Made in China auditioned and sounds great $39

Vintage RCA 2A3 Tube tests as new

Highly sought after vintage RCA 2A3 tube, test at or near new at 66 (min of 38), though probably has had some use. Auditioned and sounds great. $62

Vintage Hapsco dual flat plate 2A3 tube Made in USA

Rare and highly sought after Vintage dual flat plate plate 2A3 tube, tests as new at 70 on TV-7D/U tube tester, branded Hapsco, Made in USA. Auditioned and sounds great. $59

Valvart 2A3 Tube (noisy)

This is a new old stock Chinese Valvart 2A3 tube that tests as new at 74, but when auditioned has some static you can hear when there is no sound input. You can't hear it when there is music playing, and in fact the music sounds great, but should be considered defective with the baseline static noise. Should still be safe to use and will sell cheap at $9.

Vintage 1920's 4 Pin Tube sockets

Various 4 pin sockets for early tubes, baseboard mount. $7 each (Several are sold, inquire)

Old Radio Parts:

Package of 12 Diodes

A dozen new old stock military germanium point contact detector diodes, (sorry the photo only shows 10 but offer is for 12) behave like 1N34A but they are unmarked so I don't know the exact specs, but tested and work equivalent to any 1N34A diode I have. $5.
Special offer 100 of these diodes for $15.

Wen Model 100K

Wen Model 100K soldering gun kit in original plastic case and includes the standard soldering tip. Tested and working. $10

Wen Soldering Iron Model 100K

Wen Model 100K soldering gun kit in original package, new old stock, completely unused and includes the standard soldering tip and a cutting tip. $12

Wen Soldering Iron Model 199

Wen Model 199 Quick Hot soldering iron with the original cardboard box and packing slip. Standard soldering tip tested and working. $16


Small Thordarson with specs as noted in photo, tests good continuity and appears unused. Military grade $7

Collins Freed transformer 1K to 30 ohms $7

Potted transformer with specs as pictured above. $4

Nice military spec potted audio transformer DC resistances are 2200 on the primary and 4 ohms on the secondary. $9

Computer cords

This lot has 7 of the cords on the right, and 4 of the USB printer type cords on the left. All for $4

TV-7D/U Red Plate and Grid cap lead

This is an OEM grid and plate cap wire lead for TV-7D/U and similar tube testers. $7.


This is a little relay rated with solenoid of 26.5 V at 675 ohms resistance. It closes quite nicely using 18 volts from two 9 v transistor batteries on the solenoid. It is milspec new old stock. $2

Vacuum Tubes

12AU7 tubes, test good, used $2Sold out but have some 5814 which are military substitute

Have a few preamp tubes type  12AT7, used and test good for $2 EACH

All tubes listed have been tested and are strong on my TV-7D/U military tube tester, unless otherwise noted

Miscellaneous Tubes


This is a 7.5 volt audio amplifier tube tests as new, probably has had a few hours of use  $16

6V6GT tubes

Various 6V6GT tubes all test strong to new $7 each

6A3 Type tubes same application as 2A3 but with 6 volt (6.3V) filament directly heated triode, high quality early vintage USA made name brand audiophile tubes
test results on TV7-D/U minimum acceptable of 38, on my tested a new one tests around 64-78

Here is the whole box, individual tubes listed below:

Two T&RT USA 6A3 Tubes test as new

These look more recent, grayish plates, look and test as new (76) $79 for the pair

Two rare early Sylvania Double Flat Plate 6A3 Tubes

These are Sylvania double flat plate 6A3 tubes, test as new at 78-80, early highly desirable plate configuration $89 for the pair

6B4G tubes, same audio tube as the 6A3 on an octal base, will be posting soon. Can be directly substituted for 6A3 with a base adapter available on Ebay.

Raytheon 6B4G Pair Dual flat plate style

Pair of vintage Raytheon 6B4G tubes test as new at 70 and 74 where 38 is military passing standard on TV-7D/U. These are the desirable dual flat plate type. Both for $79

Pair of Sylvania 6B4G tubes, Dual flat plate

Pair of vintage Sylvania 6B4G tubes that test near or at new at 64 and 68 and have the desirable dual flat plate construction. Both for $69

Relco 6B4G tube NOS

New old stock Relco 6B4G tube tests as new at 76. Printed with Made in England on the glass. $28 

Sylvania 6B4G

Used vintage Sylvania 6B4G tube tests at 50 where 38 is military passing standard, so plenty of life left. Auditioned and sounds great. $16

Pair of 6B4G tubes test as new, Westinghouse and GE dual flat plates

Pair of 6B4G tubes test as new at 80 and 72 with similar dual flat plate construction, $59

Pair of 6B4G tubes

Pair of 6B4G tubes RCA and GE of similar construction, test as new at 74 and 76, auditioned and sound great. $59

Vintage tubes:

New in box 24A, 26, 76 tubes. $8 each

#30 Tubes

Vintage #30 tubes most NOS in original boxes. Very handy 2 volt detector amplifier tubes that are great for making one tube radios. Use 3 volts plus a rheostat to limit the filament voltage. All are the ST bottle shape. $9 each.

Tesla E88CC tubes 6922 Pair, dual triode with gold pins

Price is for 2 new in box Tesla Gold Pin E88CC tubes, same as 6922 tubes, retail cost about $40 each, both for $24SOLD MW

Western Electric 717A and RCA 112A

One Western Electric 717A tube new in sealed box, and one Raytheon 717A tube that tests as new both for $15SOLD 
RCA Radiotron UX-112-A tube tests strong with original box $24

Rectifier Tubes:

83 Rectifier Tubes

New in the original boxes Raytheon or Hytron 83 rectifier tubes as used in many tube testers. $14 each

 5Y3GT  $4
5R4G  $5
5U4GT   $7
5U4G  $11

Other rectifier tubes not pictured: will test on inquiry

6x5GT  $1
6W6GT $1
6W4GT  $1

Not pictured

Many miscellaneous tubes tested and good including:
2A5  $5
5Y3GT  $4
6A5G  $2SOLD
6BG6  $1
6H6G  $4 new in box
6J5 $1
6J5G   $3
35/51 $2
36 $1
56  $1

9 Pin Tubes

12AB5  $1

12AX7  $9
12AT7 $2

12AZ7A $1
6S4A $1
6FQ7/6CG7 $1
Western Electric 407A  $1 NIB

7 Pin Tubes 

Tubes listed below are used, will test on inquiry, cost $1 each

6AU6  $1
6AV6 $1
6BA6 $1

1S4 tubes new in box $2 each 3S4 tubes new in box $2 each These are good for low voltage projects like regen radios.

Other tubes:
New Old Stock Subminiature Tubes:

5672  $SOLD OUT each new in box  (1.25 volt filament pentode amplifier)
5676  $2OLD OUT each  new in box  (1.25 volt triode amplifier, can be used to sub for an old WD-11 tube with a 8 ohm 1/2 watt resistor in series with the filament supply
6418  $3 each new in box  (1.25 volt pentode, nice for 1 tube regen radios) Can tie plate and screen grid together to use in triode mode

Just added a page showing construction of WD-11 replacement tubes using any of the above 3 subminiature tubes.  The 6418 and 5672 have longer more flexible leads.


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