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Just added vintage radio crystals and detectors near bottom of this page.
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Clapp-Eastaham Radak Type R4 one tube radio receiver

Clapp-Eastham was one of the producers of high quality radio equipment in the early 1920's and this was their regenerative one tube radio highly sought after by collectors. This one used an 01A tube  and has a little battery box built into the cabinet. $185

Tri-Cities One Tube Radio

Very nice compact factory built early 1920's Tri-City one tube radio. This set utilizes a 99 tube which checks good for filament continuity. Requires batteries and high impedance headphones. $135

Unknown One Tube Radio Receiver

Vintage early 1920's one tube radio constructed in a nice oak box using a variocoupler regen circuit with a variable capacitor tuner, and an 01A vacuum tube. $165

Modified Crosley 50 One Tube Radio

Someone (not me) went to great lengths for a resto-mod of a Crosley 50 radio with a beautiful solid hardwood cabinet and nice 2 section variable condenser tuner. It uses much of the original hardware as the original Crosely 50 and performs just as well. Comes with 01A tube. $145SOLD CB

Crosley 50 One Tube Radio

One of the more popular and sought after early one tube radios, this Crosley 50 is in good condition but has some scratched to the finish and one little hole in the side you can see in the photos. It comes with an 01A tube but can also use a WD-12 with the appropriate batteries. Used high impedance headphones. $135

Paradex Reproduction one tube regenerative radio

Homebuilt reproduction of the Paradex one tube regen radio, this set is in good working condition, just hook up batteries, headphones, antenna and ground. Handmade from solid oak panels and uses 01A vacuum tube supplied. $110

Small Audio Amplifier 10 watts

Small 10 watt stereo amplifier, includes power cord, requires 12 volts at 5 amps. New in box never used. $5SOLD CB
Small Stereo Headphone Amplifier with power supply

Small stereo headphone amplifier with AC adapter power supply. New in box never used. $5 

Mini Crystal Radio

This tiny crystal radio was built by a friend, but now I am downsizing so it has to go. It comes with a little crystal earphone and I do pick up a couple of stations locally just hooking the clip to a ground wire, about the same result as a little rocket radio. $7SOLD CB

Vintage Motorola Car Radio works

Working Motorola AM car radio circa 1960's vintage. Tested and now it doesn't seem to work, just static, FREE just pay shipping.

Alpine Car Stereo with CD player radio function tested and works

Working car stereo, it was working when removed from a car. FREE, just pay the shipping.

Vintage 1920's Radio Crystals and Detectors   Updated 1/15/2022
Top Row:
Unmarked box with galena chunks $9
Umarked wood box with mounted crystal and chunks  $10
  MTD small wood box with galena chunks $10 (2 available)
 Middle Row:
Brownlie vernier detector on threaded base with original box $14
Elkay box with crystal $9
Unmarked large wood box with crystal chunks $10v

Bottom Row:
  Arco crystals in box $9
BUD Microphone Carbon Granules $9

Various Radio Parts
Top Row:
Small single switch on porcelain base $6
Large switch on slate base $8
Double switch on porcelain base $8

Bottom Row: Three screw in base bulb sockets $4 for all three

DeForest Reflex RF coil

DeForest Reflex radio frequency transformer, coils good continuity $19

Batch 1 of radio parts

Batch of grid leaks and phone condensers. $5SOLD AW for the whole batch

Batch 2 of radio parts

Another batch of grid leaks and phone condensers $5SOLD AW for the whole batch

VAAM Crystal Detector stand

Vintage new old stock VAAM detector with original crystal on plug in base. $27SOLD AW

Bunnell Telegraph Sounder

Nice old Bunnell telegraph sounder marked with a 400, coils intact working. $22 SOLD RF

Crystal  Radio Detector Stand

Reproduction Crystal Detector with catwhisker and mineral selection

Click photo for a larger view.
Nice reproduction of 1920's style detector on a 2"x2" solid oak base. Features a large 5/8" diameter brass ball-and-sleeve assembly in a tight, spring brass bracket that never comes loose, or needs realigning. Precision ball-and-sleeve provides silky smooth movement with no pull or backlash. Includes a selection of loose minerals., catwhisker wire, printed instructions, and a history of the mineral detector. $24.95 plus shipping. These are available directly from the manufacturer, Larry Pizella, but I don't have anymore is stock, so just click HERE to see the order page for detectors directly from the maker.


One Tube Shortwave Regenerative Radio Kit with Submini Tube. SOLD OUT

This is a kit of parts to make a one tube regenerative shortwave radio based on a 6418 subminiature tube. It includes all the parts needed to make the radio as shown above, with vintage National porcelain tuning condenser new old stock in original box, Johnson trimmer capacitor, ferrite toroid coil core, breadboard, and all necessary electronic components, hardware, wire, and a pair of Newcomb high impedance headphones. There is a set of detailed instructions, plus schematic and diagrammatic sketches to aid construction. I have enough parts for 4 sets right now, may be some variation in the knobs available. $49SOLD OUT
  Inquire if interested and I should be able to put together most of the essential parts for another kit but am out of the variable capacitors now, can provide the submini 6418 tubes for $2.50 each, also have some other submini tubes that would work.
Selling off some of my prototype one tube radios below: all sold out

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