These are more old headphones from as early as the 1920's that are on display from my collection. See notes below for further details. These are foreign sets.
These are for display only, not for sale. To see my crystal radio webpage take the link to:
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Marconi  Canada                             Brunet   France                     Ericsson BBC   England

Brandes BBC  English   1926      Canadian Brandes 1923             S.G. Brown  Type F, English

Harringtons Imperial   English                   BTH  English

Ericsson  2000 ohms Austria        Kapsch 2000 ohms Austria         Telefunken 2000 ohms Germany

Sterling Lilliput 2000 ohms, London     Gecophone,  English               MEL  U.K. 2000 ohms London

STC, nice Australian made 4000 ohm set   DLR No. 5, English soundpowered military headset

La Belle  Montreal (made in USA?)     The Embassy  Canada                           Claritone BBC England (possibly Canadian)

N&K Neufeldt & Kuhnke Kiel  Unknown 2000 ohm set      Welton Special, Ottawa
Germany  Early 1920's

Marconi, Canadian Marconi headphones quite rare, good quality 2000 ohms headphones
Brunet: Heavy duty 2000 ohm headphones from France
Ericsson: Middle of the road quality 1920's British headphones 2000 ohms.
Canadian and British Brandes same as American Brandes made elsewhere, very good quality, these are 1920's.
SG Brown headphones were made for many years from the 1920's till the 60's or maybe longer, good quality, but thick diaphragms so not particularly sensitive.
Harringtons Imperial, from Englans good quality mid 1920's 2000 ohm headphones.
BTH or British Thomas Houston from Englans mid 1920's, very good qulaity nice brown bakelite.
Kapsch and Erjicsson from Austria, both 2000 ohms, very good quality and great sensitivity.
Telefunken: German headphones form the 1930's I believe, maybe a bit later, work great, quality made.
Liliput Sterling: These are well made and very sensitive circa 1922 headphones with an interesting picture on the housing.
Gecophone: General Electric Company from England, nice set to go along with the Gecophone crystal radio of the early 20's.
STC: Nice Australian made 2000 ohm headphones late 20's to 30's I think.
DLR No. 5: I think these were a British soundpowered headset  also made were DLR 1, 2, which were military low Z headphones.
LaBelle:  Chweap grade Canadian or US made 1920's headphones, 2000 ohms. Says Made in USA in small print on the cans.
The Embassy: Good grade Canadian made 1920's headphones, 2000 ohms.
N&K: These are very heavy duty and large headphones made in 3K, 4K, and 6K, DC ohms resistance, imported to the US in the 1920's and very solidly built, though the diaphragms were fairly thick which decreased the sensitivity some.
Welton: Good grade Canadian made 1920's headphones, 2000 ohms.
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