These are more old headphones from the 1920's that are on display from my collection. These start with the letters "U-Z". See The Western Electric page for that brand.
These are for display only, not for sale. To see my crystal radio webpage take the link to:
Scott's Crystal Radios where I have a page of Headphones For Sale.

USECO United States Electric Co. Springfield, Mass. 2000 Ohms.

  Victor Telephone Works        Harold Wakem Sensitone            Warren

WOR by L.Bamberger, made for radio station WOR in Newark

Harvey Wells 1950's vintage 600 ohm AC impedance

Viodyne by TBH Radio,  courtesy of Ken Harthun   

WLS Special                        Workrite                                           Zenith

Webster, 2500 ohm pair

The WLS was from Sears World's Largest Store and the WLS radio station in Chicago.
These Zenith headphones were from the 1950's to 1960's and were for their portable radios including the Trans-Oceanics, so they are in high demand and fairly hard to find in good condition.

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Warren Head Sets from Radio News, November 1922