These are more old headphones from the 1920's and later, see notes below, that are on display from my collection. These start with the letter "T".
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JS Timmons, Phila USA

Trimm Featherweights 4k ohms  Trimm Dependable            Trimm no model name, 3k ohms, reddish Bakelite

  Tektor 2200 ohms            Trimm R-2-A Sig Corps      Trimm Professional 4K ohms, nice brown swirl Bakelite
Tektor courtesy of Ken Harthun  

TBH Junior                                Eugent T. Turney                    Little Tattler by Marinette

Triangle Electric                      Thomas                               Teleradio Engineering Corp

Some Notes on the above headsets:
Trimm was one of the longest lived makers of headphones, starting with the Trimm Dependables with aluminum housings in the 1920's, and going to the bakelith cans somewhere in the 1940's I think. The ones with cloth headbands were earlier and they went to the vinyl coated headbands probably in the 1950's or 60's. They were available in a variety of impedances from 8 ohms up to 4000 ohms. They also made the Featherweights in 5K 4K, 2K and 100 ohm impedance as well as the Commercials in 3K impedance, and perhaps more. Trimm also manufactured headphones for other brand names such as the Rex, and from the construction many others. They were good consumer grade headphones and I still use them for crystal radio listening. The Trimm Professionals that I have come across were either the plain black cans, or a nice swirl brown bakelite in the 4000 ohms DC resistance. These have very good sensitivity and are quite attractive if in good condition. Trimm also made a variety of military headphones such as the R-2-A ( a nice 2K headset like WE 509), Type W 600 ohm impedance, and Type K 2200 ohm resistance nice for crystal radio listening.

Little Tattlers by Marinette were nice looking 1000 ohm economy grade headphones that were cheaply made and the earcaps tended to crack, but most sets I have had are still in working condition, though the one piece center pole magnet tends to lose its strength and is difficult to remagnetize. Sensitivity only fair at best for crystal radio listening though they are cheap and will work on locals or a battery set.

The Eugent Turney, Teleradio, TBH,  and Traingle headsets are all mid 1920's and are well made headsets. The Triangle are fairly common and the other 2 are uncommon.
The Thomas headset is probably 1950's vintage and cheaply made.
The Teleradio headset is the only example of this maker I have seen.

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TBH Headphones from Radio Magazine, May 1924 

Tektor Headphones Radio News, September 1922

True-Tone Headphones Radio News, November 1922