These are more old headphones from the 1920's that are on display from my collection, starting with the letter "S".
These are for display only, not for sale. To see my crystal radio webpage take the link to:
Scott's Crystal Radios where I have a page of Headphones For Sale.

Superior Products              Little Spitfire                      Superette

Schwarze                          Songbird                           Stormberg Carlson 2-A

     Harold Wakem Sensitione         Sears (Probably made by MESCO)

Swedish American Radio Type, by American Electric Co. Inside View.
No makers markings on the outside.

SACO from Hartford, Conn.

Splitdorf, brown bakelite housing    Splitdorf, metal housing

Spartan, uncommon headset with brown bakelite housings and nice real leather covered headband, 2200 ohms DC resistance.

Superior Navy 3000 ohms  San Francisco
A lot of headphones were marked "Navy Type", or "Army Navy" to give the impression of military specification quality when they were really just ordinary consumer grade products.

Solid Pat Aug 14, 1900                  Standard, Newark NJ  Mod 8
1000 ohms per side, 2000 ohms total

The Little Spitfire and Superette headphones are cheap comsumer grade headphones. Most of the sets I have found have open circuit coils. Having unwound several of the coils, they have all been open at the innermost winding of the ciol where the fine wire meets a heavier connecting wire. They are greenish looking like an acid flux was used that corroded through the wire. Anyway, if you are buying wither of these, or The Scientific Navy Type, they are likely to be dead due to open coils.

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Scientific Headphones, Radio News, December 1923

SECO Headphones Radio News, November 1922

Stromberg Carlson Head Set Radio News, December 1923

Stromberg Carlson from Radio News, August, 1922

Stromberg-Carlson from  Radio News, August 1922