These are more old headphones from the 1920's that are on display from my collection. These start with the letter "R".
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Red Head Jr.
    Five varieties of RedHead headphones, all are fairly uncommon headsets.             Radioear
     Red Seal                    RMCA (Radiomarine Corporation of America, RCA)

The Rex                            Roller Smith Universal      RCA

Radiocraft, probably 1950's vintage cheapies   REGO 2000 ohm very uncommon headset  Radio Receptor 2200 ohm set Type E

R&Z Roth & Zillig 2000 ohm headphones    REMCO 2500 ohm Davenport Iowa

Notes on the above headphones
Red Head Headphones were good quality 1920's headphones put out by the Newman Stern Company who also sold crystal radio items and hardware. The Red Heads are quite oncommon and I am glad to have five pairs all different models.
Red Seal headphones were made by MESCO Manhattan Electric Supply Company, middle of the road quality and sound circa 1925.
RMCA, later probably 1950's headphones look like a Trimm Featherweight housing branded for RCA's marine division.
Radioear these are low impedance headphones look like a Trimm design 1940's or 50's.
The REX, made by Trimm, inexpensive but good working 2000 ohm headphones.
Roller Smith, very high quality well made heavy duty headphones.
RCA, look like Trimm Dependables, I think Trimm had a deal to supply headphones for RCA.
Radiocraft, cheapie headphones put into crystal radio kits.
REGO, a very uncommon headphones.
Radio Receptor, high quality 2200 ohm headset, this is the only pair of these I have seen.
R&Z headphones also must be quite uncommon

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Randolph Headphones from Wireless Age, November 1924

Red-Heads, Radio News, September 1922

Red-Heads, Radio News, August, 1922

Red-Heads, from Radio News, October, 1923

Red Seal Headset, from Radio News, November 1924

Repeater Headphones, from Radio News, 1923

RICO Headphones from Radio News, December 1923

Roller Smith from Radio News, August, 1922

Radioceive Headphones, from Radio News,   December 1923