These are more old headphones from the 1920's that are on display from my collection. These start with the letters "P-Q".
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PAL                                      Pacent "Everytone"               Peerless by United Radio Corp.

Pennsylvania Type E, by Hamburg  Pennsylvania Type B, by Hamburg  3 conductor grounded shielded cord, aluminum earcaps (Uncommon)

 Perkins by Warren Radio Phone Mfg      Penn Headset Co. Philadelphia (rare)

 Philmore Pure-Tone    Pival 600 ohm possibly European     Precision  by S.A. Potter

PAL: Cheap 1000 ohm headphones, went along with the PAL radios, fairly uncommon.
Pacent:   Cheap 2000 ohm headphones, Pacent also made various radio parts early to mid 1920's.
Peerless:   One of the models of headphones by United Radio, not bad for sensitivity and good general construction.
Pennsylvania: Hamburg Bros also made the crystal radio, type B and E headsets mid 1920's.
Perkins:    Also made their own crystal radio mid 1920's, pretty uncommon set.
Penn:    A rare headset and well made.
Philmore:   Pure-Tone cheap consumer grade headphones to go along with their kid level crystal radios.
Potter:    Another uncommon 1920's set that seems well made with good sensitivity and tone.

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Pacent Everytone, from Radio News, April 1924

Penberthy Head Phones from Radio News, September 1922