These are more old headphones from as early as the 1920's that are on display from my collection. See notes below for dates and some observations about the individual sets. These start with the letters "L-O".
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Leich                                                            Lincoln Jr.  ?1930's               M  Mesco, Manhatten Supply    Metro Same mfg as crystal radio

MicoPhone by Meissner, Chicago   Moulton Junior         Murdock 55,(circa 1917)      Murdock 56

Meteor 2000 Ohm Head Set      MIRACO, by Midwest Radio CO. rare set     NEW-TON  3000 ohms

NERCO                            New Yorker                                NRI

Northern Electric 528
100 ohm DC resistance
 Canadian branch of Western Electric

Lincoln 1920's vintage type            Learadio Type C Headphones low impedance, probably 1950's or so
Leich: 2000 ohm early 1920's middle of the road to cheap headphones, nothing special but fairly uncommon.
Lincoln: Two early versions, one with the lightning bolts appears to le late 1920's, the one with Abe on the housings looks like late 30's. There was also a Lincoln headset by Allied Radio in the 1950's to 60's, black plastic cans, cheap setsl. The earlier ones are economy grade but mine work well with fair to good sensitivity.
M, MESCO: Manhattan Electric Supply Company, made these with the M and lightning bolt on the back mid 1920's, also made the Red Seal headphones of identical construction. The headband was a stiff double metal headband, phones were middle to low end in quality and middle of the road for sensitivity. The earcaps tended to crack with age.
METRO:    There was a 1920's crystal radio by the same company, both are fairly uncommon. These are middle of the road quality and sensitivity.
MicoPhone:   By Meissner, mid 1920's, these are quite rare, this is the only pair I have ever seen, very nicely made with great sensitivity and tone.
Moulton Juniors:   Fairly uncommon 1920's and rather cehaply made with one central coil, never seen a pair of Moulton Seniors.
Murdock: The Murdock 55 was a very early circa 1914-1920 wireless era headset with the ball and socket connections. Good quality but not too expensive at the time, quite expensive now since they were from the pre-broadcast radio days and not many are around. The 56 model was made from about 1921 replacing the 55 model, and came in 2000 or 3000 ohm impedances. The 56's are quite common but the 55's are rare.
Meteor: I see these for aution online a lot, they seemed to hold up well over the years for a low end headphones from the late 1920's to 1930's..
New-Ton: Don't know much about these, look like midgrade consumer headphones, work well.
NERCO: These are bulky and not very sensitive. Look like late 20's to early 1930's vintage
New Yorker: A model of cheap headphones later 20's to early 30's though after I resoldered the wires inside had OK sensitivity.
NRI: Look like they were made by Cannon for NRI, economy consumer grade phones late 30's to 40's.
Northern Electric: The Canadian version of Western Electric, are high quality for telephone or radio applications 1920's.

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Leich Headphones from Radio News, December, 1923

Lisen-In Headphones from Radio News, November, 1922

MECSO Headphones from Radio News, September, 1922

Myers Headphones from Radio News, November, 1922

Murdock Headphones No 56, from Radio News, November 1922

Murdock No 56, from Radio News, December, 1923

Murdock Headphone plug from Radio News, December, 1923