These are more old headphones from the 1920's that are on display from my collection. These start with the letters "F-G".
These are for display only, not for sale. To see my crystal radio webpage take the link to:
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Federal 52-W, very uncommon
3200 ohm Federals                        Federal 53-W  2200 ohms   Federal 50-W, single 1100 ohm earphone, very rare, only one I have ever seen

  Featherweight Twin Tone     Firth & Co. Seibt

Feldstern-McCusker Superior             A.C. Gilbert very rare

Frost Fones 161                    Frost Fones 171                      Frost Fones 172

Frost Fones 175                           Globe                               Gold Seal by Stanley and Patterson

Goldtone 2000 Ohms
Notes on the above:
Federal: These are heavy duty very good quality headphones. The 53-W were pretty common, but the 52-W model in the 3200 ohms are quite rare, I have only seen 2 pairs of them ever.
Featherweight Twin Tone: Cheap consumer grade headphones, most have open circuit in the coils due to acid flux at joints of the fine wire, occ I get a working pair.
Firth: These are heavy duty and fairly uncommon, 1920's era, they also work well for crystal radio with good sensitivity.
Feldstern-McCusker: Also fairly uncommon, middle of the road quality headphones early 1930's I think.
AC Gilbert: From the Gilbert Science products, they also made a crystal radio, and both the radio and headphones are rare and collectable so the prices of these are very high, if and when you can find them.
Frost Fones: The Frosties were middle to low end consumer headphones from the early 20's through the 1930's. The earlier versions were decent quality and fairly sensitive, but the later versions such as the 174 were cheaply constucted and not as sensitive. Like most brands of headphones, the earlier the better.
Globe: I have seen these with the aluminum cans and with nickeled brass housings, both pairs I have seem well made and good sensitivity.
Gold Seal: By Stanley and Patterson, in addition to being attractive with the gold painted aluminum cans and brown cord, these are actually very good headphones and have very good sensitivity equivalent to a good set of Brandes. The gold paint tended to peel off with time.

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Federal Headphones from Radio News, November, 1922

Federal, from Radio News, August, 1922

Frost Fones, from Radio News, September, 1922

Globe Headphones, from Radio News, November, 1922