These are more old headphones from the 1920's that are on display from my collection. These start with the letters "D-E".
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Davis by United Radio     De Forest Radio showing part of the unique headband yoke joint  ca 1922

Delta 501 "Gold Stripe"       Dictograph R-3  ca 1923       Electro Importing Co. New York 3000 ohms very rare

Durophone by Warren                Dymac type F               Dietzen Tri-Pole                       Davega, obviously a Frost 161 made for this shop

Eisemann  ca 1922                        Elwood   ca 1923                    Everett ca 1924

 Everett Type E-2   ca 1922               EOSH  2500 ohms
Electrical Products MFG, 2000 ohms, very uncommon
This is an interesting thinly veiled infringement on the Edison name. Still it has a cute radio icon and 3000 ohms for the pair, rare set, circa 1924.

Inside Dymac Type F

Most Headphones had 2 coils per unit but these only had 1 coil

The Dictograph R-1, R-3, and Aristocrat look like more modern headphones but the magazine ads show they were made in the 1923-1925 era and they have very good tone and sensitivity for crystal radio use.
Durophone and Dymac were fairly cheap consumer grade headphones.
The Elwood and Everett headphones were good quality made sets.
The Eisemann headphones weresolid and well built, hard to find.
The Eosh and Edeson sets pictured above must be rare as I have never seen another pair of either than these ones.

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Delta headphones December 1923

Delta headphones Radio News, November 1922

Dictograph Aristocrat headphones from Radio News  1922

Dictograph headphones Radio News, August 1922

Dreyfuss Headphones from Radio News, November, 1922

Edson Headset from Wireless Age magazine, December 1924

Elwood Headphones, from Radio News, August, 1922

Everett Headphones, from Radio News, September, 1922