These are more old headphones from the 1920's that are on display from my collection. These start with the letter "C".
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CAMCO                            CMC by Cel-Met products    Champion Jr.

Cannon & Miller CO. INC Springwater NY   CannonBall Master  Other similar pairs include Dixie, Empire, President.

Cannon-Ball early style      CAMCO Cannon-Ball Junior     Cannon-Ball  President 

Cannon-Ball Empire      Cannon-Ball Dixie                         Coherer Products 2000 ohm headphones, nice early set, very uncommon

Coryphone                                  Couch Seeley, Boston

Cleartone by Leslie H. Moulton, with inside detail showing unique 4 coil construction

Connecticut                        Crosley                         Crosley 2500 ohms               Another Crosley variant, this one rarely seen

Crosley Musicone                            Crown Mechanics MFG         Connecticut 607R

Connecticut Instrument Co. showing all metal headband and housing detail. These are heavy duty
high quality headphones, 3200 ohms DC resistance, probably early 1920's. Only pair like it that I
have ever seen, must be a very uncommon model.

Cotton Boston
Some Notes on the above headphones:
Cannon: There were about a dozen models of these from the 1920's to about 1950, I think. Cannon-Ball Empire, President, Dixie, Junior, and others. They were pretty good quality back in the early days, then cheaper as time went on. They are pleantiful and many still work fine for crystal radio local reception. I especially like the Sphynx wearing headphones!
CIC: These are rare Connecticut Instrument Co. headphones with the aluminum cans, good quality.
Connecticut Tel & Tel: The set pictured is a low impedance telephone set, also made with aluminum housings in 3200 ohms for their Sodion radio.
Crosley: Several models made three are pictured. They were OK quality, the Canadian Musicone ones were the best with the brown swirl bakelite earcaps. Crosley headphones are hard to find in good condition as the earcaps were brittle and many were broken and discarded, not knowing that decades later they would be so collectable.

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Cannon headphones, Radio News May 1923