These are more old headphones from the 1920's that are on display from my collection. These start with the letter "B", see Brandes page for Brandes headphones.
These are for display only, not for sale. To see my crystal radio webpage take the link to:
Scott's Crystal Radios where I have a page of Headphones For Sale.

Baldwin Type N-2                        Baldwin Type C                    Baldwin ? Type B            Baldwin Type CAB (very rare, only pair I have ever seen)

BASCO Briggs & Stratton         Berwick by Triangle          Berstan Radio Products

 Brush Crystal Headphones        Bannard (Very ucommon set)

S.G. Brown Type F (English)    Branston 2500 ohms

Benwood Co. 2500 ohms         Bestone, Chicago, Henry Hyman Company

Notes on the above: also see scanned ads at bottom of page.
Baldwin: Nathaniel Baldwin made headphones with the moving armature for extra sensitivity, but were subject to deterioration in performance due to rust, cracked mica diaphragms, and bent parts inside, but when they work optimally were very sensitive. A bit heavy on your head. The Type C were the most pleantiful, but others were also made as pictured. In some you can see the assembly date written inside the housing with a red crayon. They made a Type B, C, G, E, N-2, and some with no model.
Bannard: Don't know much about these but are quite uncommon.
BASCO: Briggs and Stratton headphones to go along with their very rare crystal radio, these are among my favorite headphones, made in 2000 and 3000 ohms.
Berstan: Seem to be fairly cheap consumer grade headphones, fairly uncommon, sensitivity OK for local stations.
Berwick by Triangle: Well built headphones on par with Brandes in terms of tone and sensitivity.
Brush Crystal: These were piezoelectric headphones with very high impedance, the piezo crystal tended to deteriorate over time, so they should be kept in a controlled temperature low humidity environment. I keep them in a ziplock bag with a silica gel dessicator inside. Most pairs I have seen are dead, but when they work properly are very sensitive.
Branston: Canadian make 1920's headphones, Branston made other radio parts and Violet Rays too.

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Baldwin Headphones from Radio News, December 1923

BASCO Headphones from March 1923

Brandes Headphones October 1923                                                Brandes Headphones from Radio News May 1925