These are more old headphones from the 1920's that are on display from my collection. These are just a small sample of the dozens of military headphones that were used, and these are mostly early sets. The R-14 set is about 1940's vintage and had a 2000 ohm DC resistance so it works well with crystal sets. The R-15 measures 3000 ohms DC resistance and is also a good crystal set persormet. The R-2A is 2200 ohms and is very sensitive also. Most of the later sets were lower impedance and would need an impedance matching transformer to use with a crystal radio. The H-43 B/U was a 3000 ohm set that was made for a Radiac Geiger Counter and also works well with crystal radios.
These are for display only, not for sale. To see my crystal radio webpage take the link to:
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Connecticut R-2-A                    Trimm R-2-A                        Western Electric Type P11

Consolidated Radio R-14    Century Model SC

ANB H-1 Low impedance headsets that work fairly well on crystal set with impedance matching transformer, several makers.

H-43 B/U                                                    Trimm H-43 B/U

Connecticut R-15  Signal Corps

These are only a few of the many military headphones I have come across, other common ones are Telephonics TH-37, a variety of HS-16-A by Utah, Murdock, Consolidated Radio, and others, not to mention the sound powered headphones, aviation headsets, etc. Since my interest is mainly in pre-1935 radio items I cannot list or picture many of these and do not have much knowledge of the later military equipment.
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