These are some vintage and antique tools I have collected over the years and need to part with now.

Antique Fuller Calculator

Antique Fuller Calculator, a cylindrical slide rule device for mathematical calculations, with some reference information on the cylinder. A rare early device in good condition except for some smudging of the print on the upper cylinder. This is the only one of these I have ever seen so they must be fairly uncommon. $185

Halden Calculex Circular Slide Rule

Antique Halden Calculex Circular Slide Rule complete with the original leather pouch and the instruction booklet all in very nice condition. These must be pretty uncommon as I have not seen another one apart from this one. The calculator is two sided and works similar to a linear slide rule. $55SOLD 
Greenlee Knockout Chassis Punches

Batch of punches including 2 Greenlee ball bearing punches and another no brand name set. The Greenlee punches are high quality and have the ball bearing for smoother function. Includes the following sizes:
Greenlee 1-1/4" Conduit size, hole diameter 43.2 mm
Greenlee 32.1 mm hole size
No name Set:
1/2" conduit  Hole size 22 mm or 7/8"
3/4" conduit Hole size 28 mm or 1-3/32"
1" conduit size 35 mm or 1-11/32"
1-1/4" conduit Hole size 43 mm or 1-11/16"
All above for $25SOLD 

Vintage K&E Plumb Bob in original box

Sixteen ounce K&E plumb bob in original, though somewhat tattered, box. Tool is in great condition. $12SOLD 

Batch Of Antique Tools #1
Batch of great old vintage antique tools including three folding rulers, one with a caliper extension, a Leavitt marking gauge, and a J Rabone spirit level. They all function as intended and the spirit level has fluid in both bubbles. All above for $49SOLD  plus shipping.

Antique Tool Batch #2

This batch includes a set of solid brass trammell points, two spiral push drill drivers, a Stanley marking gauge, a folding ruler and a wood bobbin. The push drills turn smoothly. All for $49SOLD plus shipping.

Antique tool batch #3

This batch consists of a large spiral push driver, a boxwood folding ruler, two plumbers bobbins, and a Stanley 98 depth marking gauge. All for $39SOLD plus shipping.

Vintage 10 ounce Plumb Bob

Mint condition 10 oz plumb bob with 2 tips, unused in the original box. $13SOLD 

General Plumb Bob in original box

Vintage General 10 oz plumb bob in original box, tool in as new condition. $12SOLD 
General  Three Way level

Stanley Marker

Nice old ? Stanley marking gauge with 8 inch long arm in good condition. $24SOLD 
Stanley Marker

Stanley Marker

Stanley No 98 double marking gauge in very nice condition. $26SOLD 

Old Adjustable Wrench

Early B & C adjustable wrench in very good condition. made in USA 6.25 inches long opens to just under 1 inch. $Included in batch above SOLD

Spiral Push Drill Driver

Large 15 inch when closed spiral push drill, works smoothly with 1/4 inch square clutch. Marked with M on push grip. $SOLD included in batch above

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