Binoculars for Sale:
  Nippon Kogaku Mikron 6x15 Miniature Binoculars
Very nice pair of Nippon Kogaku (Nikon) Mikron 6x15 binoculars in good working condition. Not original but vintage case. Genuine early Mikron pair before the name changed to Nikon. $43 

Palomar 7x18 Binoculars

Very nice clean pair of 7x18 binoculars complete with the original case and cleaning cloth. Individual left and right eye focus rings. $47

Vision 6x15 binoculars

Good working pair of 6x15 binoculars with leather case, some paint loss on the frame of the binoculars. Genuine leather case from Occupied Japan. The optics and focus are fine$29

Nikon 5x15 Miniature Binoculars

Sorry these are missing one of the black plastic eye cups, but they are in otherwise sound condition with good image and central focus plus right eye focus ring. The case is in poor condition with the hinge coming separated. You can still see fine through them without the eye cup. Selling cheap for real Nikon binocs at $24SOLD  

Luxor 6x15 Binoculars

Luxor 6x15 binoculars in good used condition with leather carry case. They work great and the individual focus rings turn smoothly with nice clear well aligned image. Some wear on the frame paint due to use but obviously well cared for over the years. $35

Selsi 6x15 Center Focus Binoculars

Nice working pair of Selsi center focus 6x15 binoculars with center and right eye focus ring. Nice condition and nice carry case. $34

"Seconds" binoculars with some issues below

Simor 6x15 Compact binoculars
Simor 6x15 compact binoculars sorry no carry case. They work well but there is a little chip on one edge of one ocular lens that you can see in the very periphery of the right eye image, but not noticeable at all when you are looking straight ahead. Otherwise the image is clear, well aligned and the focus rings turn smoothly. $21

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