Jackson Bell Radios
Here are some of my favorite radios. These are for display only, not for sale.
Above is a Jackson Bell "Tulip" model 68, an 8 tube
tuned radio frequency (TRF) set from 1931. I recapped this set and it plays
great. It had 2 good globe shaped 45's in it when I got it. (Not for sale.)

This one is called the Peter Pan for the figural in the speaker grille.
It is a 4 tube AC set that is pretty and a small size cathedral from 1931.

This is a Swan Grille in the uncommon shape cathedral.
Same chassis as the standard cathedral.

This is a "Tulip" grille with a different style cabinet than the one at the top.

This one was called the Sunburst and has a similar cabinet and same chassis
as the Swan above.

This is the common rounded cathedral Swan, model 62.

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