My Big Fat Greek Vacation, and subsequent family activities, just added Hawaii photos June 2011 at bottom of page.
Our family rarely takes an exotic vacation, but this summer, August 2009, we went to Greece, to the little coastal village of Milina on the Pelion Peninsula which is on the Aegean Sea side of Greece. Just added photos of out trip to England in April 2010.

Quiet Mediterranean fishing village

Ancient Athenian building near the Acropolis

Ancient columns in Athens

We had such a small rental car that my 20 year old daughter had to ride in the trunk, with the little cover removed.

When we let her out of the trunk, my daughted showed her talent blowing perfect air bubble rings while submerged 10 feet underwater.

An olive grove on an hillside on the Aegean Sea.

A fixer upper on the coast, great view of Aegean Sea, roof needs a little repair but
location, location, location!

This is a Greek laundry washing machine, my wife.            This is the dishwasher in a tree.

Two of my boys with me in Athens with the Acropolis in the background.  Having a little snack for lunch.

Ancient olive tree possibly 1000 years old or more.            Grape vines were grown in every garden providing grapes as well as shade.

Adam and Eve hiding behind an olive tree.

A cool underwater cave we explored.                                                                           Watch out for those urchins, they have sharp spines.

Here is another cave, above the water.

Which way is the Acropolis?

An Antique Radio Museum in Greece?
We were in a little Agean village called Lafkos when my wife said she saw a sigh for and antique radio museum, and I thought she must be joking. Turned out the Antique Radio Museum of Greece was right there in this little town. The collection of a hundred or so radios mainly from the 1940's was donated by a German collector and the museum was set up in 2008. We went back that evening and had a look. Small world of antique radios!

Here are a couple of the display cabinets at the Greek Antique Radio Museum.

While we were away our house was hit by lightning. It toasted all the GFCI circuits which then shut down the refrigerator and freezer, which of course were full of food, that was all spoiled. We were blessed that the house didn't burn down after seeing what it did to our dog electric fence in the attached garage.

This is the main circuit box for our electric dog fence. It used to have a cover that was blown across the room by the blast from the lightning.

The wires from the power supply to the circuit box were literally blown into a fray of strands and charred vinyl.

This was the power supply for the fence RF generator. It was blown to pieces and the wall socket plate was melted and blackenned.

April 2010, England Trip

Old water wheel in Matlock.

James sitting on a big Lion in London.

Sand sculptors along the banks of the Thames river in London.

This space man was singing and playing incredible music and sound effects on all those little gadgets on his belt. He called himself The Sonic Manipulator, and if you go to YouTube and search on either Sonic Manipulator or The Martians are Coming, you can see a clip of his performance.

There was a full city block of food vendors on Portobello Road in London.

Anyone need a button? You can find one on Portobello Road in London.

Other recent events and activities

August 2010 on the Northwest River in Virginia

Yours truly skiing on cyprus tree lined Northwest River in Virginia, August 2010.

Wow, a year later, August 2011 and still skiing!

Just got a .22 for teenage son, had some target practice, here are a couple of my better targets, standing, from 25 feet range.

Go ahead, make my day......

May 7,  2011 Wedding Day for my only daughter

With her bridesmaids

And her first dance with new husband.

I like to go surfing, below, here at Virginia Beach, May 13, 2011.

Just learned how to bake bread from scratch, and this is my first solo batch of bread.

Here is my brother-in-law Tony, who gave me the bread baking lessons.

Nice pepper, Tony!

Hawaii, 2011
Our 30th wedding anniversary we went to Hawaii for 10 days.
Rosemary loved the lush vegetation.                                    Scott loved the beach.
There were lots of unusual and exotic plants and trees, as well as beautiful sunsets.

Beautiful Akaka falls, at 420 feet high.     Lava across the road on the Big Island.     Scott in a big banyan tree.

There were lots of sea turtles, and it was breaking big on the south shore. Not me in the photo, but I did surf the day before and caught some big waves.

Rosemary, with Kileua volcano in background.         Scott, in a time-out box, meant to keep out rodents.

Finally adding a photo here in fall of 2017. I got a new boat.

My new boat
That is me in my new boat, the tiny Force 5 sailboat, not the big yacht.

August 2019, took a trip to Costa Rica my daughter took some photos.

Me catching a wave in Costa Rica.

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