Boat Dock Rebuilding Project

This page is about rebuilding a boat dock that was in need of repair and was originally built too low so that it was underwater during storms and very high tides.

You can see why it needed to raised up some, even though it seemed pretty high at a very low tide below.

First step was to strip off all the surface decking wood.
Next, we removed the stringers that surface decking boards were nailed on to and laid them down flat across the joists that were bolted to the pilings so there was something to walk on.

In the above photo you can see that a second joist was bolted on to the pilings above the original ones, and the stringers placed on top of the new one so the level of the deck was raised up. The stringers were screwed or hurricane strapped on to the joists to secure them until the decking could be replaced. We used the little raft to help reach the pilings when the decking was off.
Another view showing the new joists bolted on above the old ones.

After securing the stringers on to of the new joists, the top decking was installed and screwed down with stainless steel screws. The above shows the end part of the dock completed. Next was to do the same for the long runway part of the dock.

The top decking was removed one section at a time, and the new set of joists was bolted across the pilings, some shims were needed to get them all the same height.

It got a little dicey walking out on the planks while everything was under construction, but no one fell in the water.
A couple of wrenches dropped in the water but were fished out with a big magnet.
The old lights used regular house current and were removed and replaced with a low voltage system.

The lighting system was installed using UV resistant outdoor direct burial electrical cable with the transformer power supply mounted up in an outdoor circuit box.
The lights are 18 watt LED floodlights mounted up on posts and are switched on from inside the house.

Now the dock is finished with nice new wood, new lights, and is straight and level and feels very solid when you walk on it, as well as being nearly a foot higher than it used to be.