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 It was my wife who wanted a puppy. She grew up with Labrador retrievers so that is the only breed she would consider. Now that most of the kids are out of the house I consented and we started looking around for some Lab puppies. We found a breeder with a good reputation and drove 100 miles when their latest litter of puppies arrived.  This was our first trip out to the breeder's compound when the puppies were about 4 weeks old. She was sold on one of the little female pups and we handed over a down payment and then came back a month later to pick up our new pet, Belle.

We brought Belle home when she was 8 weeks old. She threw up in the car on the way home. Fortunately, I was driving so my wife had to do the honors of the clean up. She was, after all, the official owner. Belle really lived up to her name and was one of the cutest little puppies you could imagine.

 Everyone loves Belle and she has a sweet disposition, instantly the best friend of every human or dog she encounters.

We trained her to heel, sit, and stay off the furniture.

This was one of her funniest moments. I didn't wittness how she got into this but here is what must have happened. I put Belle outside on trash pick up day and she got into the recycle bin. She loves cheese and there was an empty container of cheese puffs in the recycle bin. Belle got the top off and started licking the cheese out and got in a little too deep. I didn't hear from her for about half an hour so I went out back to see what she was up to, and found her with her head trapped inside this cheese puff container. It was a perfect Kodak moment, so I took a few pictures before I pulled the jar off her head. Talk about a Cheesehead...

Coming soon is a list of items Belle has chewed up including 2 cell phones, several tennis shoes, a TV remote control, and countless socks. She has also eaten 24 cinnamon buns at one sitting, and an entire 9 x 13 pan of brownies.

This is my cell phone after Belle got finished with it.
Now my daughter has her cat home from college, and he got into the act too, smashing a 200 year old antique clock and then this potted plant.

Here is Belle learning how to drive.

Bell has been trying her hand, or paw, at plumbing too.

Who needs a dishwasher when you have a dog?

Addendum April 2010
We are expecting puppies any day now. Here is the expectant mother.

April 19, 2010, The Puppies arrived, paternity case initiated

Well, we have 8 puppies, but they don't look like Yellow Labs to me. Still pretty cute though.

Here is Belle with her 8 babies, looking a little happier after a little sleep.

One day old, and all fast asleep. This photo was not posed, they just got this way all by themselves.

Close up, one day of age.

Pink nose pup, one day old.

Here is the proud grandma!!

What a nice soft pillow!!

Puppy pile!!

Day 13 and just starting to open their eyes.

Two weeks old and already 43 ounces!! This one started off at 14 ounces.

4 weeks old, nice nose!

Is everybody comfy?

Wow, I can drink from a bowl!

Take that you frog.

Eight dogs and a dish of food.



Pup in a box


Everyone loves puppies!

Help! It is 4 puppies against 1 cat!

It only took 8 puppies 20 minutes to make the kitchen look like this.

Alright you dogs, you made the mess, you clean it up!

Trying to get some pictures of the puppies now that they are grown up and have new homes. We kept one, and my son has one, now home for Christmas 2010, and we took all 3 dogs to the vet to get "fixed" so this is a photo of the dogs after their procedures.  A Three Dog Pity Party.

Post-op dogs with their cone collars, Budha, Lily, and Belle.

Belle, Dec 2011.

Jan 25, 2013
Haven't posted any photos in a while, but today Lily got in a fight with a swamp monster. She was a bloody mess after a 15 minute bathe with the what looked to be the biggest muskrat in the state, but I discovered was actually a Nutria. After she finally came in from the swamp I put my waders on and slogged out into the swamp to see what had chewed her up. It was a rodent nearly 3 feet long, the top of the hoe in the photo is about 10 inches across. Lily got beat up some but she had killed the rodent. It's front teeth were over 1 inch long. I searched and found it was a nutria, not a muskrat.

I didn't use the hoe on the muskrat, it was already dead, but the 10 inch wide end of the hoe shows how big this beast was.

In Memory of Lily

In memory of my silly Lily, who passed away August 29, 2019. She was only 9 years old and had lymphoma. You had a very happy time with us and we miss you.

OK, here is a partial list of what I can remember that Belle has chewed up:
2 cell phones, fortunately we had insurance and only had to pay a $50 service fee for the new ones
The hose of our Miele vacuum cleaner, that was not cheap
Neighbor kid's Uvex bicycle helmet  (I had to buy the kid a new one and it was $90, I don't know why anyone would buy their kid a $90 helmet)
My son's bicycle helmet  (this was a cheap one from Target)
My son's homework  (really, and more than once)
My son's science fair project (a hoovercraft, fortunately it was the day after the science fair)
My son's Rubik's cube (not an ordinary one, this was the custom one you order and assemble yourself with special low friction bearings)
My son's swim team sweatshirt
My son's school bag lunch on several occasions
My wife's brand new running shoes
The handle of a nice carving knife
The handle of my barbecue spatula
The top of a Thermos bottle
Two bedroom blankets
One living room throw pillow, hand made by one of my friends many years ago
At least 6 pairs of my wife's reading glasses, this is really her specialty
A 2 gallon sprinkling can
Numerous gardening gloves
A couple of Frisbees
A bunch of the kids' stuffed animals
Several music and computer CDs
Telephone cord
A couple of hats
Numerous various toys of our kids
About a half dozen packages left on the front porch, now the mailman just leaves them on top of the mailbox stand where she can't reach them
Too many Christmas tree ornaments to count
A zillion pens and pencils
A whole rotisserie chicken
A whole pork loin, all cooked and ready for us to have for dinner
several tennis shoes
 a TV remote control
countless socks
She has also eaten 24 cinnamon buns at one sitting, and an entire 9 x 13 pan of brownies.
Two Birthday cakes, on different occasions

Farewell to Belle  October 1, 2005 - April 23, 2022

Belle, you were a wonderful companion for over 16 years. You were a wonderful mother to 8 fantastic puppies, whose owners all think they were the best dogs ever. You have had a long life, loved us and were loved. Farewell to our faithful friend.

Farewell To Buddah April 19, 2010- June 4, 2022

Buddah, you were the sweetest dog, gentle with children jumping on you, and ever loyal. You had a good dog life, just wish it could have lasted a few more years. 

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