Binoculars for Sale:

Stellar 6x15 Binoculars $55

These are in excellent condition, with a nice little leatherette case and neck strap. The alignment of the images is spot on, and the shiny chrome prism housings are in great shape. The image is clear, and the individual eye focus rings turn smoothly. This is one of my nicer pair of binoculars and are less than 4 inches across. $55SOLD 

Plum 6x15 Binoculars $33

A good working pair of compact 6x15 binoculars with the original zip case. The binoculars work great, focus rings turn smoothly, image is clear and well aligned. The stitching is loose on part of the zip case, and there is a bit of paint loss wear on the frame. $33SOLD 

Simor 6x15 Binoculars

 This pair of Simor 6x15 binoculars is quite unusual being the only one I have seen in a 6x15 that has a central focus mechanism, plus both left and right eye focus rings. The leatherette case is in reasonably good condition, and the binoculars themselves are in excellent condition, with clear and well aligned image, and nice cosmetic condition. $45

Swift Sport 6x15 Binoculars

A really nice pair of 6x15 Swift Sport binoculars with the original leatherette case. The binoculars are in excellent condition and have individual left and right eye focus rings that turn smoothly. Clear image and nice neck strap. The strap on the case is broken. $ 44

Asahi Pentax 6x15 Binoculars

A superb pair ofAsahi Pentax 6x16 compact binoculars appear to have been rarely used, even still have the sticker on them. Nice black case and strap. Everything functions well and image is clear and well aligned. $52

Nikon 7x15 Binoculars with original box

Excellent near mint pair of Nikon 7x15 mini binoculars complete with the original box, instruction manuals, and brown leather zip case. these have a central focus ring plus the single eye ring adjustment on the right ocular. $125

Nikon 7x15 binoculars

Same Nikon binoculars as the set above but no box for this one. These are also in near mint condition with the original instruction manual and nice brown leather zip case. $95SOLD 

Yamatar 7x18 binoculars

Near mint pair of Yamatar 7x18 binoculars with the leather snap case.  A tiny bit of paint loss on the edges of the black frame, though they appear virtually unused. $55

Mikron 6x15 Binoculars
  Nippon Kogaku Mikron 6x15 binoculars with the box and brown leather zip case in near mint condition. Made by Nippon Kogaku, later renamed Nikon, and the originator of this style of binoculars. Great working condition. Individual left and right eye focus rings. $115   
Mayflower 7 x 18 Binoculars

Mayflower 7 power magnification binoculars with nice original carrying case in excellent condition. Individual left and right eye focus rings. Minimal paint wear at the corners. Great image quality and very nice overall condition. $46

Tasco 8 x 20 Binoculars

These are slightly larger 8 x magnification Tasco 8 x 20 binoculars in very nice condition with original carrying case also in great condition. Small dent on the corner of the right side prism cover, and slight paint wear but nice clear image and smooth operation of the central focus ring and right eye focus adjuster. $49SOLD

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