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Phil's Old Radios  Nice general radio website with a great crystal radio project for broadcast and shortwave reception.

Xtal Set Society    National club with information, links to suppliers, books and items for sale. Join the  great crystal radio discussion group there called Rap 'n Tap.

Skywaves    Al Klase's site that has some useful schematics and crystal radio building projects including a shortwave crystal set.

Dave's Homemade Radios  Dave Schmarder has a great website that shows dozens of hic creations of crystal radios and some battery operated tube sets including some shortwave sets. He has nice photos and schematics posted for each set. This is a great site to get ideas for how to build your own nice tube or crystal radio.

Greg Farmer's Crystal Radio Webpage Great collection of crystal radios as well as other types of radios and other vintage apparatus.

The Radiola Guy  This is an extensive website with loads of information on vintage radios, test equipment, an online museum of vintage radios, and pages and pages of radio items for sale from early wireless items, to cathedral radios and consoles, as well as parts and tubes. There is also information on test equipment, tube testers, as well as tube tester calibration service, tubes for sale and too much more to mention.

Ben Tongue's Crystal Radio Website  This website had valuable details on crystal radio reception, impedance matching, and even schematics for building impedance determination equipment for comparing headphones of different impedances.

Pictures of Vintage Sets    This site has some nice pictures of a fine collection of vintage sets. site has been down recently

Crystal Radio Resources  A great "How To Do It" website for constructing your own sets.This page has an extensive list of crystal radio links and is highly recommended as a resource for serious crystal radio research. A MUST SEE for beginning builders and Science Fair Project builders.
Tell Owen I said hello.

Crystal Radio Supply   This is one of my favorite supplier for parts such as variable capacitors used to build crystal radios, and great prices too.

Peebles Originals  This is Mike Peebles website with information about Crystal Radio, Tube & amp; Transistor Radio, Parts, Plans, Kits and other Items associated with "Nostalgic Radio Building".

Allens Web Page   New site by a radio collector and boat builder, many radio items for sale here.

Gollum's Crystal Receiver World  The First German crystal receiver website with many photos and hints about crystal radio construction, testing and use.

Lance's Crystal Radio Website Lance Borden's Crystal Radio Webapge with plans and kits for sale.

John's Radio Pages  A great resource that has details about the early Miller high fidelity tuners.

Stay Tuned  Take this hot link to a related page by a colleague who specialized in sound powered equipment. It has been recently expanded with dozens of crystal radio construction plans.This site is a MUST SEE!

Tom's Terrific Tuners  This is a page by Tom Kipgen that has homebuilt crystal radios made with beautifully machined parts and true vintage looks, plus vintage looking wook knobs for building radio projects. Many high quality items for sale.

The Old Radio Builder  This is a nice webpage showing vintage crystal radio projects, modern projects, and old radio restoration projects.

Jim Frederick's Crystal Radio Page   This page has plans and kits to buy such as the high tech  Hobbydyne  crystal radio, tell Jim I sent you.

Play Things of Past   Great source for all sorts of vintage radio replacement parts including tubes, all types of transformers, knobs, dials, glass, belts, variable capacitors, coils and more. I can't think of anything not available here for an old radio and at great prices. 

Radio catalogue: more than 50'000 radios with   20'000 pictures and 22'000 schematics plus radio   forum.

Radio Museum A website dealing with all aspects of antique radios including display photos and schematic daigrams for antique radio enthusiasts, click on the icon above to jump to the Radiomuseum.

Ian Sanders' Crystal Radio Webpage

Dick Korf''s Handcrafted Detector Stand Click this Email to Dick to order this item

Parts Resources for Crystal Radios


Play Things of Past, Gary Schneider, 2324 Fawn Haven Drive, Medina, OH 44256
Phone 330 558-0208, Super catalog for Knob dials, tubes and sockets, coils, transformers and most parts needed for building tube radios.  Minimum order is $20. Gary has a website at
Email Gary to check parts availability and get a shipping quote 
Phoneco Inc.
19813 East Mill Road, PO Box 70, Galesville, WI, 54630,
phone 608 582-4124. Great source for headphone cord, pin tips, brass binding posts, vintage telephone parts.

Amidon Associates Inc.  Retailer and distributor of ferrite coil forms and toroids. Very reasonable prices. Phone 714  850-4660

Antique Electronic Supply  Great source for tubes, sockets, wire, reproduction dials, crystal radio kits, AC radio parts.   480 820-5411

Peebles Originals  This is Mike Peebles website with information about Crystal Radio, Tube & amp; Transistor Radio, Parts, Plans, Kits and other Items associated with "Nostalgic Radio Building".

Mouser  Complete electronic parts supplier for diodes, resistors, capacitors, wire, etc.  Phone 1-800 346-6873

Crystal Set Society    National club with information, links to suppliers, books and items for sale including kits for making crystal sets and variable capacitors.
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Inductance Chart for Winding Toroid Coils with Amidon Toroid Cores, Material 61